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  1. OSO Rodeo

    Thanks Bill. I suggested the same thing of leaving at the top of P1 and getting it on the way down.
  2. OSO Rodeo

    Thanks Chuck. Topo makes it seem pretty well bolted? I’m assuming it is just intermediate pieces mostly. Big goal for this summer. Looks fantastic.
  3. OSO Rodeo

    I was wonder if anyone can tell me how much gear is required on OSO Rodeo. I read slab daddy is pretty limited but having a hard time finding much on OSO Rodeo. Thanks in advance. Tim
  4. You should really write a book on these climbs! Amazing trip reports and this would make a fantastic read. I'll buy the first copy
  5. Zipper (Lane Peak)

    Thanks! I talked to the Ranger today and he said it is in all the way to the top and should be good with an early start.
  6. Zipper (Lane Peak)

    Does anyone know if the zipper is still in? Has the rock step melted out, or is snow all the way?
  7. I am interested. PM me please so we can talk
  8. FS: Cams, Ropes, and a Few aid items

    PM Sent