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[TR] Southern China Sampler - Multiple 9/4/2016

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Trip: Southern China Sampler - Multiple


Date: 9/4/2016


Trip Report:

Southern China Sampler Two weeks and three locations across southern China covering a wide spectrum of settings. From the very rural Getu, to the very touristy Yangshuo, and including urban cragging in Hong Kong. Noodles, dumplings, dim sum and a touch of multi-pitch climbing on steep and sharp limestone surrounded by post-card perfect Chinese landscapes. For more text filler, a couple short video "haikus" and many more photos, check out our webpage: http://chossclimbers.com/testing/china/


Photo highlights are below.


Beijing - too bad the layover was only 4 hours: IMG_0012-768x1024.jpg


Road hazards on the drive to Getu:



Tire blow-out (not giving a shit seemed to be the name of the driving game):



The now famous Getu - nothing easy on those formations. DSC_0023-758x1024.jpg


Except for a shitty, wet and flared chimney to off-width pitch inside the Great Arch. 4-star setting, no-star climbing. Photo by our "local enabler" Ola:



Lower Arch from the inside:



Also did some deep water soloing that day (photo by Ola): DSC_0121-681x1024.jpg


Our four afternoons/evenings in Getu were spent trying to get the water in our room turned on, drinking shitty beer, and playing with local wildlife:



In the next couple days we climbed all the "easy" multi-pitch routes (all 3) in the area. The best one was a 7 pitch, 6b line called "Golden Boy" on the amazing SE face of Pussa Yan mountain: IMG_7936-768x512.jpg


Hazy views were enhanced by the presence of rice paddies: IMG_2552-768x576.jpg


Steep and thuggish climbing that we normally try to avoid (in other words, hard for us):



Shirley near the top:



Steep bushwhack on the descent:



In addition to some loose rock (airmailed one the size of a dresser from near the top), there were other hazards. Some pissed off local wildlife on the approach:



A farmer taking his cattle and bird for a walk in Getu: DSC_0279-768x511.jpg


Besides bad beer, local vodka and a pool table were the other post-climb entertainment options in Getu: IMG_0100-768x576.jpg


Always the gentleman:



On a rainy day, we hiked into the mountains to see a cave village: DSC_0389-768x511.jpg


Complete with a basketball court:



A farmer tilling his small patch of land with the aid of a cow: DSC_0460-768x511.jpg


Clean Heel route:



Miao women dressed in their traditional garbs at a highway toll plaza in a town called Ziyun:



Women sitting on balls listening to a monologue delivered by a woman holding a cock. Guiyang. IMG_0267-768x576.jpg


High speed rail link between Guiyang (near Getu) and Guilin (near Yangshuo)...480km in <2 hrs:



From the rural, we moved on to the touristy (Yangshuo): IMG_0355-768x576.jpg


Our days would start with some decent coffee and a session of trying to get the scooters to start:



More steep limestone climbs. This is 5 pitches up Grandfathered In: IMG_5266-768x1024.jpg


Pretty black colored limestone on Happy New Year route (and a couple sweat drops on the lens):



Despite being touristy, Yangshuo is chockfull of natural beauty: IMG_0446-1-768x576.jpg


Shirley loving the steep limestone climbing in the sauna (this actually was the one trad line we climbed on the trip): IMG_2723-768x576.jpg


A fisherman on the Yu Long River:



One of the climbs involved a 50 meter free air rap off a karst summit, followed by a 50 meter tunnel through the karst and some more rappelling...kind of unique:



Yangshuo at sunrise:



Then we moved on to Hong Kong where we had an 18 hour layover and so we prearranged to be taken out to Lion Rock for a quick multi-pitch climb. Alpine start with Hong Kong below: DSC_0816-768x511.jpg


Gweilo to Wards Grooves - about 5 short pitches on some nice if a bit greasy granite (humid environment): IMG_5430-768x576.jpg


The views were spectacular in a unique sort of way. Not wilderness but the dim sum was to die for.



On the hike down:



From there it was off to Bali, Indonesia for a couple days of touristy beach time a.k.a. mostly boredom. DSC_0004-768x511.jpg





Robbery in progress at a temple:



The monkeys there are not what you'd call "shy": DSC_0065-1-681x1024.jpg


Molotov cocktails for sale:



The secret ingredient of Luwak coffee: DSC_0345-768x511.jpg


And then it was time to go home. The only unplanned bivy on this trip:



Gear Notes:

Mandarin language skills.

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I always love, love, love the tales from your international adventures. This one is no different!


It seems like the skies were rarely clear for you in China, was that mostly due to the humidity, pollution, or just general cloudiness? Some nice clear air would really make those landscapes pop.

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thanks guys.

I'd guess it's mostly humidity & cloudiness. Think both places are far enough from huge population centers that it's not smog & the sun did come out in Yangshuo eventually.

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Some crazy looking rocks and mountains in that part of the world. Thanks for sharing!

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