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  1. Team DMS [AKA Team Gander Mountain (-)] has just completed pre-Denali. Results were: "S" was the honor grad as he was able to bullshit his way to the top better than anyone else in the course. "D" got a major minus spot report for lack of situational awareness during the "Knock out your climbing partner" drill. His chain of command is sending him to Denali with "S" as punishment for this failure!
  2. Team Gander Mountain er, I mean DMS [we ought to be Team Gander Mountain (-)] update: Currently, the OIC (Sean) is having a mental break down. It seems that the T-shirts haven't made it in yet, the book deal is falling through, no web site has been established yet, and the beautiful climbing babes have yet to start knocking on our doors--and we only have FIVE days before we leave. I tried to explain to our fearless leader that these were minor setbacks on our conquering of the INFAMOUS West Buttress, but all I could get out of him between bouts maniacal frothing from the mouth was "Team Harsh Realm is gonna' steal our glory!?!" Well Sean, you forgot about our secret weapon--the Atomic Ego drop. If Harsh Realm gets in the way of us on our 'First whore aided ascent' they'll never have an ounce of self-esteem again! Come on man, stop drooling on the couch--we've got to get UP for this!
  3. jtljohnson, hey, when are you going? I am going to depart Seattle on 9 May (maybe earlier) and we have a Talkeetna air reservation for 10 May and will have to return on 7-8 May to Seattle. I have already run into a National Geographic Explorer writer who is going to be up there doing a story starting around May 23rd so don't be a stranger(I met the writer, David Brill, in North Conway, NH. He is doing an article on the 'common man climbing Denali'. Should be interesting.) Dave ------------------
  4. Sean, we got 4 meals a day and sang "kum-by-ya" on the objective. And those trucks you heard about didn't transport our rucks--they transported us straight to the ORP. Really good skills to learn for today's "Army of One!" Dave
  5. Sean, well, I didn't go to Dugway, was a summer Ranger, and got to witness the "safest" Florida phase in Ranger school history (right after the four deaths)--and come the Army's birthday this June, I too will have achieved the 'Army' standard and be qualified to wear the black beret! [unless, of course, I have an ounce of self-respect and decide to get out before then.] Dave:P ------------------
  6. Rob, yes, it was at Dahlonega where I got my first climbing instruction--and an Army buddy who got me out climbing on my free time. Small world, isn't it? Dave
  7. Mike, I figured it was an off chance you would know Ed. But heh, here is the positive side--I think you must live in the same Townhome development as my climbing partner. He is a former 2nd Batt/LRSD guy who has had the climbing bug for 8+ years. Right now he is on the Seattle Police Department and climbs any chance he can get. We climbed at Lilloet on the 28th and at Alpental on the 26th. Email him if your looking for a partner on an odd day--he works 4 days on and 2 off. His email is SeanHalling@hotmail.com. I am back at beautiful Fort Drum so enjoy the Cascades for me. Dave Pleasance
  8. Mike, you know Paul Rosser? How about Ed Maginn--he lived with Rosser for a while and is still out there kickin' around--albeit he just got out of the Army. Just thought it would be interesting to hear about people you know. Dave
  9. Climbed in the vicinity of the Rambles on 28 December. The snow was about 8-12 inches deep on the trail up the hill following the flourescent tape. Two climbers did the left gully (with the tree trunk)--it looked thick, albeit wet. We went right to the next gully--it was wet but well formed enough to find a line out of the fall line of the flow. The lower two "steps" were climbed fairly handily (WI3-4) but we could only salivate at the upper wall due to approaching darkness. It looks well formed. Anyone familiar with the names of these climbs let me know. Temperatures were right at or below freezing during the day--made for comfortable climbing.
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