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  1. Yet another hurricane thread...

    Anyone hear about the whacko weather man in Boise who says there is Russian microwave technology that is aiming the hurricanes at the US???? The Japanese equiv of the Mob is controlling it all....
  2. Solo climb ideas

    Hinman-Daniel traverse?
  3. Crevasse rescue teaching methods??

    All excellent ideas expressed. FWIW a thought I would like to add is to have a couple different "media" available. Everyone learns differently- some people need diagrams, some people need hands on, some need abstracts..... Definately and highly recommend to do some real world simulation too. Some of the best mountaineering training I did was a moderate snow slope with about 6-7 of us taking turns on a 3 man rope team. We each took turns "falling" which meant running downhill yanking on the others until the fall was arrested and a z-pulley set-up. We did this geared up as if we were making a summit push- packs, water, etc. Slow is smoothe, smoothe is fast.
  4. [TR]The Brothers: To the three asshole trundlers:

    Tweezer- My Granddad was a caretaker at Camp Seymour back in the early 50's....small world...
  5. Seattle weather != mount rainier weather?

    It may be easier to push onto Sunrise than to the Carbon/Ipsut exit. Drive east from Paradise around thru Cayuse on 123 to Sunrise. Maybe add another day to get from Spray/Mowich to Sunrise???
  6. Make Election Day a National Holiday

    Matsuhita Electric Company of North America Better known as Panasonic gives thier employees election day off. Maybe more AMERICAN corps. could follow the lead of a Japanese corp.....
  7. which route to ski?

    Small world- I think SeanHalling who posts here was the last to see him alive. I remember faintly Sean relaying the story to me about seeing him about to descend and the obligitory "be safe"... What a suckey way to find out about your bud...
  8. Snowmobiles

    http://www.snowest.com/articles/artcrslt.cfm?ID=505 http://www.snowest.com/articles/artcrslt.cfm?ID=508 http://www.snowest.com/articles/artcrslt.cfm?ID=506
  9. Snowmobiles on summit at St. Helens...

    How do you propose to limit a snowmobile to X altitude...Hand out altimeters in the Sno-Park?
  10. Snowmobiles on summit at St. Helens...

    I think you're off your rocker Tom...Sleds and climbers dangerous together sure...but to say something like a sled freewheeling down the mountain, or the vibration causing an avalanche...I think thats pretty weak...Whats the difference between a sled and a rock. If the avi danger is up then you have no business there anyways right??? I'd be more worried about some yahoo full of Bud-lite running me over than what you've mentioned. Objective hazards while climbing exist. Man made and nature made.
  11. Snowmobiles on summit at St. Helens...

    Ghost Rider in the Sky... I am of the understanding that yes above 4800' feet the mountain is closed to snowmobiling...Its not unlike any other fraction of our civilization theres always people who disregard the rules and regulations. I checked the FS site about winter recreation. While it didnt out and out say that snowmobiling was prohibited above 4800' but thats where the monument starts at on the south side of the mountain correct? And this may be part of the problem is that its not very posted that a) it prohibited or b) that its allowed and most climbers dont understand that. The tag Philfort refers to should be towards the rear of sled. It is white with blue lettering. Thats basically the license plate. Granted while buzzing past you at 30 mph its hard to read, but get it if they're sitting still. No different that a license plate on a car. Im a VERY avid snowmobiler and also enjoy some hiking and climbing...I am of the thought that there are places for both... As far as I know Mt Baker National Recreation Area is the only volcano that snowmobiling is allowed higher up on the peak...This is the peak time for snowmobile use higher up on the mountain.
  12. Rat Holes.....

    Sprinkle flour outside the hole and then you can see if the little bastard it coming and going...
  13. Just spotted this coming in this AM...For your Ken and Barbie jeep (any of the square head lited ones) you can get a spare tire cover that has a killer image on it. A Taz reaching to clip a quick draw. Taz of Disney fame, uses his superb prowess to push himself to the limit and clip that quick draw. You can now proudly proclaim with your Ken and Barbie jeep that you're an extreme sporto climber....
  14. climbers and subarus

    Damn maybe I can make that .1%...It'll probably be my only shot at it... VFA-125 Isnt that the west coast F/A-18 Rag (FRS) squadron? Spent a lil time in AIMD Cecil, VS-27, and VFA-136...
  15. Freeclimb9: This year Yamaha has introduced a marketable sled using a four stroke engine borrowed from thier R1 street bikes...We'll see...However, each year, SAE.org and several other organizations and corporations sponsor the Clean Snowmobile challenge...Last years winner...A two stroke...They can be cleaner, which requires more money, which the consumer will not support. The two stroke engine is THE choice for snowmobile applications. The power to wgt ratio and simple design make it such. The four strokes have and are coming along. Give it a couple years and sleds will be where the outboards are. HALLING!!! As for you dip-wap...I'd be happy to drag your ass behind my sled at about 90mph...Saw some ice up at Snoqualime a few weekends ago that you might be interested in...I can tow ya in if you'd like...Now that I am officially unemployed I hope to enjoy some of the diversions that I had not been able to in the past...