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  1. Northwest Forest Pass LOOPHOLE!!!!

    Great letter, thanks for pulling it all together. I've printed it out and will have it at the ready if I'm ever "cited". I have gotten 2 "free" passes at the Snow Lake parking lot. One was for a day and another was a season pass!!! Remember....BOYCOTT THE FEES!!!! Barry
  2. Gear on Adams

    See previous thread. Hoping someone could help a fellow skier/climber out and fund your trip up as well. Please post here, e-mail me at bcollins99@juno.com or call at 253-566-4748 Thanks, Barry
  3. adams ski next weekend?

    Skied the SW chutes Sunday 6/23. They are in great shape, snow lower down was sliding but just surface slough that released when cranking turns. I'd suggest an approach via Morrison Creek......saves time, no hike up the road, less people, just contour east at about 8000 ft. BTW, if ANYBODY is going up the So. Ridge within the next couple of days, I'd like to talk to you about some gear that was left on the mtn that I'm hoping someone will pick up for me. I'd appreciate the help and pay for your efforts. Just post here or e-mail me prior to your trip. Thanks! Barry
  4. Adams permit process

    Anyone know the website to get a permit? What does it cost? Any other options to pick on up? Thanks, Barry
  5. Adams road conditions?

    How far is the road open on the south side, anywhere near Cold Springs CG? Thanks, Barry
  6. Got to get out for some climbing, available after say noon o'clock. I live in Tacoma. E-mail me at bcollins99@juno.com, post here or call me by Sunday morning 253-566-4748 Let's go have some fun. Barry
  7. How is skiing at Muir?

    Was just up today, weather was AWESOME. Very warm for this time of year but good snow. Alittle thin around the top of Pan Point, skiing between heather clumps and rocks......... Kept my skis on all the way to the parking lot.
  8. Up on the Muir snowfield today. Found some good snow to ski but the wind was screamin! A party of 3 from SLC were descending, they summitted Sat. Looks like that's probably it for a while until the upper mtn. firms up with a new winter snowpack which should arrive tomorrow!!! It's ski season!!!! ------------------
  9. Ranger Harassment at Snow Creek

    FYI. A couple of weeks ago I did Snow Creek Wall with a bivi at the base prior to. I wrote a note and put it on my dashboard. I simply stated that my car was part of a car pool to another area and I wasn't using this trail and that no permit was necessary. For my trouble I recieved an application for a permit but no ticket. I declare a jeehad!!! ------------------
  10. Has anyone else met eye to eye with that dead rotting carcass on the last pitch?? My God I pulled up to a flare in the crack and there's this rank rodent grinning at me from about 5 inches away!!!! It's too big for a mouse.......I think it had white hair but I didn't stick around long enough to check it out. It looked like a # 5 hex might fit in it's mouth..........hmmmm. ------------------
  11. Best approach to LaBohn Gap?

    Trail up to Necklace Valley is long......wouldn't recommend that. The only other way I've been was up the mid-fork Snoqualmie, not sure how far the road goes now. ------------------
  12. Tank Lakes

    Hold it!!! That's not Overcoat, that's Iron Cap Mtn. They are SW of Necklace Valley and SE of Otter and Bonnie Lakes. Elevation apprx. 5800 Ft. Got out the topo, take it to the bank. ------------------
  13. Tank Lakes

    I've seen "em with my own eyes!!! Actually I circumnavigated them in a snowstorm on July 3rd, 1978........The Tank Lakes Plateau is above Necklace Valley, sorta North of Labonne Pk. and Overcoat. I remember that we traversed the No. face of Overcoat then crossed the TLP and descended into Necklace Valley. There used to be a shelter at one of the lakes years ago. I didn't consult a topo..........just going from memory. ------------------
  14. alpine ultra-light packs

    My vote goes with the Arcteryx Khamsin 38. When I think ultra-lite I'm NOT thinking that I'll have the luxury of a sleeping bag, otherwise your not traveling ultra-lite are you. Regardless my 38 was big enough to handle an overnight alpine tour to Silver Star with skis.........my ONLY complaint is that it doesn't have a floating top pocket so if you really load it then you'll make contact with your head. BTW I've used the Ice Sack and there is NO comparison.......the suspension on the Ice Sack sucks, you can easily put a ski pole basket between your partners back and the pack.......try it!!!! ------------------
  15. W. Ridge Stuart

    Looking for able body to travel light. The weather this coming weekend will be awesome and you know you may not get another chance so e-mail me and we'll hook/rope up. Barry
  16. Crampons on Stuart?

    Planning on doing the West Ridge of Stuart. Can I get by with light approach shoes and no crampons? I need recent beta. Do I need an ice axe? Thanks, Barry ------------------
  17. Weeknight climbing

    Here's the deal, live in Puyallup, work in Tacoma. Wanna climb at Gun Club, Fossil, or Exit 38 from 4-dark 1-2 x's a week. I climb 10's, wanna do 11's. Let's go!!! ------------------
  18. Mike, In general I'm opposed to singling out climbers to pay for rescues when large segments of the population don't have to worry about that, ie: hikers, boaters, cross-country skiers, etc. Having said that I also believe that climbers should be self sufficient, be prepared to get themselves out of the crap they get themselves into. Most parties are of course. In my earlier days, I was involved in a rescue. (my brother fell on Del Campo Peak, was airlifted by a Chinook) In retrospect we should have payed a portion of the rescue costs, we were just stupid kids and in over our heads. Climbing insurance?.....sure, but don't make it mandatory. And I'm VERY opposed to user fees that go into the general fund. Why should I pay for sewage transport from Muir if I'm climbing the Tahoma Glacier???? And day hikers to Muir don't pay. They shouldn't be allowed to SHIT up there!!!!! By the way thanks for analyzing that pic of Lib Ridge a week ago. ------------------

    Alright someone had to have been on Lib Ridge over these last few days. Looking for some good beta......re: how much ICE!!! Thanks mucho.... ------------------
  20. Snoqualmie Pass

    CC- I ski myself (AT and some tele, I could have swore I saw you cranking a tele turn) My partner Jay doesn't so you know how that goes. We snagged on the last rap, luckily plenty of rope left to belay Jay up and clear it. One problem with the ice floss is it just SAILS when thrown in any kind of wind. Jays going to learn how to ski soon, we're doing Dragontail and I'm NOT slugging up the road in snowshoes!! Later, Barry
  21. Chair Peak - NE Buttress

    Yea I was up on the So. Face of the Tooth on 12/26. Snow was wet and heavy in the basin but dryer near Source Lake. (inversion)Looked sketchy and thin on the NE slab route on the Tooth, the temp. was a balmy 43 degrees. By the way how do you access the slab? Is it via the right side (looks like a steep blank section of 15-20 ft. of wet rock) or do you angle over from the left (linking snow and rock sections) Barry
  22. Snoqualmie Pass

    Hello CC. Jay and I were up on the Tooth Tuesday as well. (remember?)I must have blew my karma......we got my floss stuck when pulling our rope!!! Followed your tele tracks out in the dark....thanks. Barry
  23. Endurance vs Power

    Well Dan I'm not sure where to start. Napoleon said it best,and I'm sure he was talking about alpine climbing when he said that the best measure of a soldier was his ability to withstand suffering. How can you maximize power if you're whining too much from the effort required to reach the crux? In other words, all my experience in the Physical Therapy field and climbing point to endurance training. I feel that brushing up on your creativity, your ability to aid rough sections, and your mental toughness will get you through the dicey sections more than strength training. Follow Twight's advise and do like 6 sets of twenty when working muscle groups. Get out of the gym and into the mtn's Dan, climb long, light and get used to suffering and being cold and you'll succeed on those alpine routes your slathering over. Anybody have any other thought's? Barry