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  1. Timberline Trail with family

    Printing up your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to respond. We'll play it safe. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Timberline Trail with family

    Thanks for the input. I think we will go counter-clockwise. If we are concerned once we reach Eliot then it is easy to turn around and head back out... we'd prefer no scary scrambles with the kids:) pcg- are you saying that we wouldn't actually be crossing on the glacier but just below it? I have heard of a number of people taking that high crossing on the glacier and that there's a lot of debris. We should hit that fairly early in the morning on Saturday if that helps with melt. Mr. Gecko- thanks for the update on the White River crossing and trail!
  3. Timberline Trail with family

    Just wondering if anyone has been on the Timberline Trail recently. We're taking our boys up with us, 11 and 13, and are concerned about the river crossings. Going next weekend. Thanks.
  4. Sleeping at Paradise

    Then where are climbers supposed to park?
  5. Sleeping at Paradise

    Is it tolerated to sleep in your truck at Paradise?
  6. Pearl Gate

    C'est vous le musicien, Jean-Baptiste Lully?
  7. looking for a partner for Mt. Shuksan

    If you want "to tag on" that mountain it's best to just hire a prostitute. Although if you swing the other way I would contact the Mountaineers.
  8. Guided climbs, RMI and other spew

    "Beginner" guide, not beginner climber, at least I hope they haven't become so desperate.
  9. Guided climbs, RMI and other spew

    Jens, there's a difference between a good climber and a good guide. One just hopes their guide will be both! I've heard about French guides which are very good and ones which lack the necessary patience to deal with clients who don't climb at their level or even the wisdom to understand what is reasonable for their clients to attempt.
  10. Guided climbs, RMI and other spew

    Some posters have alluded to the example of European guides as some sort of guarantee. Which perhaps it is in technical knowledge, but in safety/intelligence that is rather questionable. I see in the latest issue of Montagnes Magazine that yet another ENSA trained French guide has been convicted of negligence with a one year suspended jail sentence. He was leading two ropes up somewhere, and the second (of which he was not a part) could not follow the move he lead to pass another party (a dangerous move for which French guides seem to be well known). The result, two adolescents lost footing and fell to their deaths. My point is, of course, your guide is only as good as he is wise. I would not go out with just any guide if I were you. There are two parts to a good guide and even certification can only assure one of these.
  11. TR: Mount Hood - Hogsback Route (3/3/02)

    Nice pics, interesting to see all the exposed rock up high since I was up there in January.
  12. mountaineering books

    These are my highlights: Starlight and Storm, Gaston Rebuffat, I love his descriptions of freezing on ledges while becoming the first to climb all 6 of the great North faces. Annapurna, Maurice Herzog, Interesting to feel his determination at ANY risk. The Crystal Hoizon, Reinhold Messner My Alpine Jubilee, Frederic Harrison, This is no too common, published in 1915, a collection of essays about his experiences from 1880-1910 in the Alps, a friend of Leslie Stephen, plus who else is quoting in Latin and Greek in mountain lit?
  13. Portland gear shops

    Rereading my last post, it sounded really stupid where I said my vote was for USOutdoor. What I wanted to say was that one should go there and get the sale stuff and leave because they suck and get some Arcteryx for half off. I think they all kinda suck, they each have a couple of high points and lots of low points. The best shop overall has got to be Andy and Bax, everyone should have a slung de-activated hand grenade on their rack.
  14. Petzl ripping us off in broad day light

    Pindude, about Europeans getting stuff cheaper than Yanks from Barrabes: remember that EU citizens must pay VAT which Barrabes generalizes at 16%, but depends upon the country.
  15. Portland gear shops

    I don't take too much to heart at REI, I've worked in an outdoor shop and I would get jumped on by my boss if I did not jump on the customers, which I had no desire to do. Like Safeway were the employees are forced to greet everyone.I think it is nice that at US Outdoor they don't jump on you quite as much, especially upstairs. If one will ask a question though they should got an honest and thoughtful response, but I've wondered some persons commitment to this. Do they get tired of people who want to go from day hiker to mountaineer in one weekend or just not care or what? Also, my vote is for US Outdoor, hit the 50 off racks in the front and go no further. I don't really seek advice since most of it is dubious.My vote for the worst advice: The backpack section of Au Vieux Campeur in Paris.