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  1. Where in Seattle to watch the world cup game?

    The G&D is giving out tickets for the final due to the ammount of people that show up. Tickets get in first then everyone else. This is something they did in the past and it worked great but this year they didn't do it and for some reason this year everyone became a soccer fan and it got nutty busy.

    What's worse... the fact that I know the animated gif of Van Damme dancing is from the opening scenes of "Breakin"... .... or the fact that I own TWO copies of the move?!?
  3. grammar

    Gary eats babies!
  4. salamon reicpe please

    One Big Ass Salmon Fillet 1 stick of butter 1/4 cup of brown sugar 1 lemon 2.5 tablespoons of English Dry Mustard 4 full sprigs of parsley (fresh only and don't chop, leave whole) Heat all (except salmon) in sauce pan and then coat salmon with mixture (salmon should be in foil created pan) Use BBQ (Charcoal very much preferred) and cook around 350 for 40 minutes or until done to your preference.... haven't had a bad review on this yet.
  5. its nudy magazine day

    I'm going climbing down here in Irvine with a guy recently did a climb with a bunch of playmates. I'll try to see if I can get some autographed plabs for you and Becs..... -The Chaser of plab nookie.... milfs need not apply... anymore
  6. P.T.L. Ratio: A new Theory, A way of Life

    Pooping at work is a good thing: 1) It's against the company's water bill, not yours 2) Less toilet paper usage (can be negative since corporate toilet paper is usually recycled 60 grit sand paper) 3) The power of an industrial toilet can suck a small child. Who cares if you have 3 pounds of cheese the night before. 4) If you blow ass all over the place, who cares... janitor has to clean up the poo spew 5) Stink factor is not a good thing when company is over so get rid of the power bomb at work. Course I consider Tim's toilet fair game for all above activities.
  7. SIGN UP

    laf smilies gone wild!
  8. Marymoor Parking Fees

  9. random drug tests

    I lost a job cause a pee test...... guess they didn't want me driving a fork lift while on heroin and booze..... go figure...
  10. Motion Sensors in the Enchantments?

    Jon.... don't you have Chod-a-boy's hat at home? Ass hat has a whole new meaning... Chicken F'er....
  11. Testing, again

    I'll get this sticky for you! MILKERS!
  12. seattle gapage

    I'm coming after you Timmay! You need to see my goobies! -Chaser of Nookie
  13. How do you go poopy in a zip-lock bag?

    I normally just give Jon my poop and he holds it for me. Smear it around and make a nice dirt pile.....?
  14. Moderators - A critique

    After reading Jon's response on page 1 I have to say.... "Jon, get the tree trunk OUT OF YOUR ASS!" I swear the next time I see you you're gonna get the biggest tea bagging of your life! Bigger than anything gapertimmy has done! NERD! -Chaser
  15. Pub Club, 6/11

    GG is good. I'll make sure Jon and I wear Speedo's so we can train for our Tri-thon.... actualy Jon's the one racing... I just like wearing a speedo. Beer anyone?