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  1. bored at work? climb K2 : )

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  2. NW Avalanche Center, Fall 2000 benefit programs

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  3. Favorite Energy Food

    Power gel (strawberry banana and vanilla seem to be the most palatable) and Cytomax. When moving I swallow the equivalent of 2 tablespoons of powergel every 30-45 minutes and follow it with roughly a cup of Cytomax. I have been able to do multi-day trips and exist on nothing but these two substances. This includes 14+ hour days for several days in a row. Before I adopted this plan I bonked quite frequently using bars of ANY type and food plans of any type. I do not experience any weight loss or negative side effects at high levels of exertion. It also has the benefit of being extremely convenient, lightweight and simple (KeepItSimpleStupid). Sometimes I carry jerky for flavor, but the only thing I can say about that is that it keeps you sane. Mike North Bend
  4. Looking for Oregon climbing friends

    Cool~and thanks. I was hoping that someone would take up the cause. I know that Matt lived in Gresham and Don lived in Oregon city. Don also worked part time as a climbing instructor at one of the community colleges in Oregon city (I think), and was friends with R. McGowan (sp). Also Matt wrote an article for Climbing magazine right after the Leavenworth fire in 94. The article featured a picture of Don holding a charred up rope they ditched at the base of Snow Creek Wall trying to escape the blaze. I also know they used to climb with another guy named Marty, and a girl that used to work at the climbing gym near Beaverton (which I don't know if it is still there). I know it's not much, but like you say the community is small so there must be someone that knows them. [This message has been edited by mikeadam (edited 11-13-2000).]
  5. bored at work? climb K2 : )

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  6. bored at work? climb K2 : )

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  7. bored at work? climb K2 : )

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  8. Observation Rock, N. Face

    The Mowich Lake road is now closed 4.5 miles from the lake. No flotation devices at this time will get you there. Shoe leather express is still in season.
  9. Colchuck Peak

    Points for slogging the approach? Mike ------------------
  10. Recommendations on Bivy Sacks?

    Several things: Hooped is good IMHO. Ever woke up in a bivvy with 2 feet of snow on your face? It's freaky and the hoop is not really that big of a deal weight wise. Secondly hooped is good if you have broad shoulders. You can move around a bit without killing yourself, place items near your head such as a headlamp, etc. Tents are great, but hey, then you have to put your sleeping bag in a stuff sack. More weight, more work. Just stuff your bag in your bivvy, zip it and go. When you stop pull it out, crawl in. I have a Bibler hooped and it is the standard for all adventures. Doesn't have any straps to hold your sleeping pad. It is very waterproof and durable. 8 out of 10 stars. Was fairly well priced. Around $200 if I remember right. There is also a big wall version for tying in. I also have an OR basic (or whatever it's called-works fine, but lays on my face) Has hoops to secure your sleeping pad. Never had it in bad weather so can't comment on it's durablity and weather worthiness. ------------------
  11. Tenpeak in Dakobed range

    Has anyone climbed this peak recently? Like in the 99/00 season besides Tom Unger? By the way I am the first ever poster on this list!! Mike