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  1. So glad the moniker is sticking lmao. My bf and I drove out White Pine Rd a few days ago after skiing and didn't see anything in but we didn't hike up to look at the main wall. Alpine Dropout looks awesome! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to get some TR laps in first so I remember how to climb!
  2. Spotted a climb north of US 2 in Merritt the other day. Went to check it out today and a good chunk of the upper section looked airy and like it would be hard to get in good pro. Seeing as none of the group has had a day swinging tools this season we decided to save it for another day (if the PNW ice gods allow). Does anybody know what route this is? Looked around MP and such as well as the Washington Ice guidebook. Washington Ice had two climbs in the Merritt section but this one doesn't quite match up to either. Kicking myself a little bit because I feel like I could have led it BUT always erring on the side of caution with ice. Hopefully it sticks around long enough and solidifies! Thanks for any info =]
  3. Went to check out banks lake today. It’s been cold enough but it’s still thin out there. I don’t know the area really, but I found devil’s punch bowl and one other that might be roadside pillar? If you know what it is, would love to know =]
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