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  1. Love Three O' Clock! Thanks for putting up a new route! I'm looking forward to trying it out this summer.
  2. Hey Brendan, I have some free time during the weekdays, usually Wednesday and Thursday I can make a full day outing work. I have been climbing for about three years, I have a trad rack, ropes and all other requisite gear. I have primarily done crag climbing and bouldering but after doing a couple multi-pitch routes, I vastly prefer that method of climbing, I also prefer to be far away from the crowds of people that are located at the crags and bouldering areas. I would love to talk about doing some routes together if you would be interested in that. Thanks!
  3. Looking for Basic Alpine Partners

    Hey Helen, I know you said you'd prefer women partners but I am looking to get into the same routine ascension schedule as you, so I figured I may as well reach out. I would love to get a couple summits in before all the snow is off the peaks and a few of my usual climbing partners have been largely unable to go this season. I haven't got a ton of alpine climbing experience but I have been crag climbing and bouldering for the past three years, fairly consistently. I have a full trad rack, crampons, ice axe and all requisite winter clothing. I also have tons of hiking experience from my years growing up in Montana hunting and fishing. Let me know if you'd like to rope up on one of your climbs, I'd love to get out there more often.