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  1. I'm new to the area (olympia) and really want to go touring. I've done less this year than the past five. Drop a line if you want to climb and ski something, anything. I'm up for technical skis with rappels and no fall skiing or mellow powder laps under 30 degrees. Or anything in between
  2. I will teach you what I know about backcountry skiing if you can rope gun some ice for me! I'm up north for a few more weeks but lets link up when I get don to Olympia!
  3. I'm new to the PNW and looking for rock climbing and backcountry skiing partners. I have a rack and some experience with multipitch but rock is not my strong suit. I am a competent backcountry skier and snow / ice climber, but I don't have that gear up here right now. Based in Kirkland and soon to be in Olympia.
  4. Yo! I'm new to the PNW and would love to put something together for ranier! I have a few seasons of pretty serious backcountry skiing in the San Juans out of silverton under my belt, as well as climbing and skiing Mount Sanford (16,237) this spring. Lets link and climb some easy trad or snow and talk. I'm currently in Kirkland but will be moving down to Olympia sometime this month. Do you ski?
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