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  1. ill probably climb w u

    Wanna go up Sunday?
  2. trade Stolen Gear

    Luckily, the dude stole the car was a heroin junkie. Cams don't trade well in the seedy underbelly of Seattle. Passed out stealing another car about 48 hours later and fessed up to the location of mine, cops got it back quick. Only thing he managed to pawn off in that time was the sleeping bag and a couple day packs and my super light thermarest. Got to keep the iron skirt and nearly all my gear! Thanks for looking out! Seth
  3. Forbidden Peak West Ridge Tuesday 8/21

    Sending you a PM
  4. trade Stolen Gear

    Loaded up my car last night with all my gear to drive to Wyoming to climb in the cirque and apparently left it unlocked with the spare in it like an asshole in Magnolia (Seattle). Car got stolen. Keep an eye out for a big pile of stolen climbing gear popping up on the interwebs: Ropes - Mammut infinity 70m green, black middle marker, Yellowish/yellowish black bicolor Edelrid 60m Older Rei Half dome 2 tent (yellow and white-ish color, orange poles) Big Agnes copper Spur 2 (orange/white) Tents. Both have a bent pole on them. Trad rack - 16 cams, all BD, Micro's x4 in 0.1 and 0.2, doubles in camalots from 0.3 to 3 (except maybe one 0.4). Alpine draws are yellow runners or red with older (a few years) Camp Nano 22's, blue and gray, and a few newer trango runner sets also blue and gray, orange runners. Set of BD stoppers, set of DMM offwidths. I had two Purcell Prusiks i made from cord, orange and green/blue that might stand out. Blue black diamond harness. A bunch of other fixin's you'd expect in a trad rack MOST OF MY TRAD GEAR IS TAPED WITH A THIN STRIP OF LIME/LIGHT GREEN DUCK TAPE TO NOTE IT'S MINE. Green 65L Osprey backpack Western Mountaineering 10 degree Versalite green sleeping bag - pretty new condition.
  5. New to seattle, been eyeballing Snow Creek wall (Outerspace specifically). Lookin' to give er' a go either Monday or Tuesday (21-22), or barring that next Tuesday/Wednesday. Also open to sport or other destinations too. Have ropes and a rack with lots of doubles. Should be able to lead the whole thing myself but would totally be down to swap leads since I've never been on rock out here and I've been pullin' plastic for months. I'm an ICU nurse so I have tons of weekdays off, looking to get on a lot of rock this summer so any other days of interest, let me know. Cheers, Seth
  6. 3 routes in 6 days in the Enchantments

    Sent you a message Cheers, Seth
  7. I just did SW chutes but I'd be into hood, maybe even the chutes again. I could do 21-22 next week. Overnight or a big day. I'm out of Seattle but I don't mind driving down. Cheers, Seth
  8. Rainier Fuhrer Finger/North Cascades

    I'd be interested in either. Just did Adams/skied SW chutes last week. Text or call me 419-262-6390 cheers, Seth
  9. Travel for work, moving to Seattle tomorrow until at least June. I've felt like my alpine game kinda peaked in the Cirque of the Towers in Wyoming last summer. I've been in Southern Oregon and had a pretty serious lack of snow and lack of skilled partners the last six months that's kept the climbing non-challenging and the summits lacking. I'm stoked to get to Washington and get on some big alpine, mountaineering, rock and mixed objectives, and do more backcountry skiing as well. Basically I need a partner/mentor with lots of experience and motivation. I'm 30 yr old, very fit, and extremely motivated. Been rock climbing for a while, have trad gear and ropes, lead 5.8 to 5.9 trad comfortably, have all gear for ice/mixed. I've climbed and skied Shasta via the avy gulch in 10ish hours and some other peaks in southern Oregon and am comfortable with that amount of effort/elevation gain in a push. I understand crevasse travel and rescue fundamentally and have practiced pulleys and travel on dry ground but I need to get on real glaciers and learn. Basically I want to get out in the mountains as much as possible and push myself on bigger stuff in the North Cascades. My schedule is variable, I work 3 days a week but can often stack days and switch days to get 4-7 off in a row. Also will be at a rock gym a lot as I'm working through both the Anderson brothers rock training book, and Training for the New Alpinism. Would love to swap belays or find a training partner. Email me, Seth: sethocaster@gmail dot com Cheers!
  10. Got 8 days off in October, looking for a partner for some alpine/multipitch/ easy mixed. I'm new to the area, living in Southern Oregon, and really wanna check out Washington. Got a double rack, ropes, can lead .8 and follow .10 consistent. Willing to drive anywhere within a day or so. I'd truly love to get on some 45 degree or better snow or some super newbie mixed/ice/snow as I'm just transitioning into the alpine game from multipitch rock and am really stoked to actually use my pickets/screws/tools I've been collecting over the summer. Want to practice more glacier travel and ropes as well. I'm down for it whatever.