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  1. [TR] Enchantments - 7 Bulgers in a day 07/14/2018

    So much footing.
  2. Lovely photos on a rainy fall day. Want to share the dog?
  3. The simul-bit on the second pitch (3-4 by the book) with the 70 m rope is about 3 m (maybe less). It really just requires a step up and to the left onto ledge if I remember correctly. It's easy terrain for the follower, but still requires stepping away from the belay.
  4. I had a lot of fun on this climb about a week ago. Good times. I carried up a wrench a tightened a couple of bolts along the way. That said, I may have missed some given that I was distacted by the disproportionate amount of Type 1 fun. I'd still recommend someone else carry up small wrench for good measure. And thanks for the route Rad and Darin. The summit register suggests your service to the community is well-appreciated. And Lowell, your comment about the contents of the summit register was fantastic.
  5. [TR] Storm King - Californication 8/14/2016

    That looks like a nice piece of shit.
  6. Lovely pictures and beta as always. It's such a nice area. What's the status of the webbing etc. on those routes? A few years ago on Rexford (2012?) a couple of us replaced everything (it was all terrible) and chopped a stupid amount of webbing and cord. Are things generally in better shape these days?
  7. Yeah, you heard me. Women's 6. I have miniature feet, but these things are tiny. So, if you, your partner, or a child is looking for a pair of nice snowboard boots (2013 Burton Bootique) that were used twice then let me know. I'll give them away but would prefer a six-pack.
  8. Trip: Mt. Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys Date: 7/29/2016 Trip Report: Just a boring TR/conditions update. On 28-29 July, 2016 we climbed Fisher Chimneys along with a number (3?) of other parties. The current conditions are about as good as it gets. The chimneys are dry, no ice on Winnie's slide or Hells Highway, and no crevasse shenanigans. We climbed the SE Ridge and the standard gully was dry so we scrambled down without any issues. Easy going all the way. No screws or pickets were placed. The flies are out of control at the lake so I wouldn't recommend stopping until things calm down a bit. Approach Notes: Nothing special.
  9. Trip: Aasgard Pass - The Valkyrie Date: 6/22/2016 Trip Report: It's still good. P1 is currently a bit wet (seeping under the roof) but will hopefully dry out soon. A bit of fresh lichen but mostly clean, quality climbing. The last pitch sure is fun. Approach: Approach and descent back down Aasgard were comfortable in trail runners/approach shoes. Still some snow but crampons, ice axes and/or poles were unnecessary. What snow is left won't be around too long. Gear: As described elsewhere - Doubles tips to 3". We had a single #4 that was unnecessary but placed regularly. An optional #5 protects the P2 offwidth.