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  1. FS: Black Diamond Bombshelter tent

    Hello, Interested in the tent. Does it comes with the taut lines? Contact me at dazo 1720 at gamil dot com thanks !
  2. FS/FT Petzl Quark Ergo SOLD

    I am interested por the picks, I would like to have some pics, can you email me at dazo1720 at gmail dot com cheers diego
  3. I am interested. How do we close the deal. Email me at dazo one seven two zero at gmail dot com. Cheers! Dazo
  4. Do you still got them?
  5. 5.10 Verdon size 9 NEW !!!SOLD!!!

    Have a pair of Miuras, La Sportiva 10.5USM that I am willing to trade for the Verdon. They are new only have use them two times. They didn't accept them back. PM me at dazo one seven two zero at gmail dot com if you want to make a deal. Cheers.
  6. Would you consider them for 100?
  7. How much for the set with out the pulley?
  8. Want to buy second hand mountaineering boots. I am 43 size. Hard to find. email me: dazo one seven two zero at gmail dot com Cheers!
  9. Breathable insulation?

    Try on Paramo analogy insulation systems, they work superb. I am guiding in Colombia where it rains over 3000mm yearly and thats a lot, and when it comes in terms of breathability Paramo analogy is the the choice. Yes it is a bit heavy on the counter part and is not fashionable, but who wants to look like paris hilton when climbing in rough mountains, functionality comes first in my opinion. Cheers!
  10. SOLD: CAMP Stalker Crampons

    PM sent!
  11. Do you still have the helmets?