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  1. EL Nino and avalanche danger on Mt. Hood this year

    Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain is the one you want.
  2. [TR] Quick Muir Conditions Report - 11/5/2015

    I was up there last Sunday, and they decided they needed to close the gate at 3pm for seemingly no reason, blew my plans. Hope it doesn't get even more unpredictable than it already was.
  3. Anybody been up the W ride of forbidden lately?

    You'd have to deal with the BS of a road walk: http://www.nps.gov/noca/planyourvisit/road-conditions.htm Edit: Correction, the road is closed even to foot traffic. Forbidden peak is forbidden unless you wanted to do it via El Dorado trail
  4. Shuksan - 9/3

    I'm also looking to do Fisher Chimney route over the weekend, not Thursday though.
  5. Crevasse Ice Climbing

    Bottom of the Coleman Glacier on Baker can't be beat for easy-access serac climbing. A few miles and something like 1500ft of elevation gain gets you there. I was there a few weeks ago, it's all ice now and was easy plastic ice. At Rainier I go to the Nisqually for this, but unless everyone already has a Rainier climbing card it doesn't financially make sense to go to Rainier for serac climbing if you want to do it legally.
  6. Wilderness Permits at Muir?

    If you want to go on a weekday, there's a good chance you won't have a problem but yes it is limited. If you want to go on a weekend, I've had reservations rejected even a month in advance for Muir in peak season on a weekend. You can usually get a permit for Muir Snowfield which ends something like 1000 feet below Camp Muir, nobody wants to be there but it could be ideal for a training hike, might even be more pleasant than Muir since you wouldn't be with hundreds of climbers making noise all night.
  7. Low Snow Year: Dog Route and Tech Route Timing?

    From the rainier climbing blog... "The general consensus is that the glaciers are in mid-late summer condition, and that the snow is in spring condition not quantity. If you are planning on voyaging on a lesser traveled route expect heavy slogging, flotation recommended." ID is already out and there are already bridge crossings at the top of the cleaver. Sounds like July-August up there.
  8. Where is Tumwater Tower?

    Went looking for it today, walked along the river for about 0.75 miles to what looks like it may have once been a river cable crossing, then bush whacked quite a ways up hill probably 750ft vertical. Never found anything that looked anything like the pictures, no towers anywhere. Must have missed something obvious... anyone have coordinates for it?
  9. Alpine This Weekend? May 9-10

    Anyone up for some alpine climb this coming weekend? Will lead steep snow/AI2, and will follow you on AI3. Thinking the Ice Cliff Glacier might be fun but open to anything that fits the bill!
  10. North Cascades This Weekend

    Looking to head up to the North Cascades this weekend but don't have a partner. Depending on weather and conditions, ice (assuming some still exists) or snow climbing. I'd probably go up the whole weekend. PM if interested.
  11. [TR] Whitechuck - Standard 2/21/2015

    Went up there today, not much snow left. Just a bunch of slush and snice and rock passages. Didn't go very far up, snow just fell apart when you touched it.
  12. Rainier 2/21-22

    Looks like this weather window will hold through next weekend. Assuming it does, anyone want to go up Rainier? Either ID or the ledges (both of which were going this weekend). I had some route finding difficulties entering the ledges yesterday so if that route, ideally someone who has done it before.
  13. From what I heard up at Muir, the huge avalanche on the Ingraham occurred mid-week. This is probably why it was easy last weekend and pretty much out this weekend.
  14. Rainier This Weekend

    Rainier looks mighty summer-like Sunday-Tuesday. Anyone want to go check out Gib Ledge on Sunday night? I'd need to make plans ASAP as to get Monday off at work. Been up in the summer and have quite a bit of glacier experience.
  15. 2014/2015 Washington State Ice Conditions

    Alpental Falls today. Practice Gully looked best, unfortunately it was dark when we started up so didn't notice. A couple groups went up that today.