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  1. Tow Rope for pairs SkiMo racing and Ski Touring

    Awesome blog write up on a fairly unknown piece of skimo gear here in NA. Good stuff as usual!
  2. 4 season neo air vs. closed cell foam

    Ive owned and used a few of exped's and t-rest's latest pads and have reason to believe that the neoair xtherm may be the new gold standard in terms of warmth to weight. I've actually sold off my other pads because of the xtherm. Horses for courses. My 6 footer weighs sub 16oz, is super compact when deflated, is plenty warm in the winter, and is not susceptible to internal moisture. Beats the piss outta older style pads so long as the user is aware of potential for puncture and prepares accordingly. Exped did recently come out with UL down mats and lite down mats that look very promising though. My exped mats were slightly more comfortable for my use due to their vertical baffles and raised outer baffles. In all honesty, both companies offer inflatable options that are plush and warm.
  3. Montana Boys - Grand Teton Second Ascent

    thanks for the history!
  4. Wmn's Dynafit TLT5 AT Boots 24.5 - SOLD

    Have these been thermo-molded? Also curious as to what US size women's shoe the owner wears?
  5. NIce one fellas! Thanks for the TR and pics of a Beartooth classic. Keep up the good work!
  6. [TR] Slesse - NE Butt 9/26/2012

    Especially enjoyed this TR Caleb. Thanks for the stoke as always!