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  1. Rainier - Ski Descent - July 4-7

    I'm down for the 4th or 5th. Lets do it.
  2. What to do this weekend, DC on Mt Rainier?

    Hey Matt. I can't this wknd but just about any day over the next 3 weeks I can go.
  3. Rainier DC route Late June

    Hey Guys, I have a lot of free time in July and would love to bag Rainier a couple of times as well. Email is grey_liston@yahoo.com cell is 910-297-2027
  4. Skin & Ski Adams Saturday 6/15

    Let me know if you want in.
  5. Road tripping this AUG/SEPT?

    Let me know when you get some more solid plans and I may be able to join you for a bit of this trip.
  6. Olympus, Blue Glacier

    Same, when ya thinking?
  7. Need Alpine Partner throughout Oregon Cascades

    Hey I live in Portland and love climbing in the Oregon Cascades. I just found 2 guys via this site that are Oregon climbers. We are headed to the Sisters wilderness this weekend to climb.
  8. Portland area looking to climb.

    Hey I live in Portland and do alot of alpine climbing and ski mountaineering as well.
  9. Winter Ascent of Mt. Rainier

    I would also be game the 28th through the 2nd
  10. climbing 3 finger jack 11/10

    We made a good attempt but blizzard conditions at 7k ft turned us back! So nice to meet you James and Daniel.
  11. climbing 3 finger jack 11/10

    Hey there, I might be interested. What's your itinerary looking like? Have you been up before?
  12. dear god anything...

    I want in. Let me know what the plans are. I am like you, really only available Friday eve through Sunday night.