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  1. I'm with JasonG, I could do without grizzly bears in the North Cascades. It doesn't look like the "migration corridor" is all that blocked between the U.S.-Canada border; if the grizz wanted to set up shop in the North Cascades, they could (or will). Not to mention that the Cascades aren't like the Sierra, or even Montana for that matter. It's a literal jungle. If it's anything like a lot of my black bear encounters, I won't even see the critter until I damn near bump into it. The only difference being that instead of turning tail and running, this bear has no problem with ripping me apart. Couple that with a user group that has little or no experience with these animals, and it just seems like we're pulling on a pair of Bad Idea Jeans. It'll all be fun and games until the NPS has to explain to some poor bastard's family why their loved one went out backpacking and got torn to shreds. Just the .02 of a humble civil servant. Put the $$$ to better use.
  2. You could probably ask anyone in Darrington, really. Pretty sure they're all High on Ice down there.
  3. Pro Tip: 'graciously' offer to carry the rope on the way up, before it absorbs half the glacier.
  4. Topped out on SEWS yesterday (Sunday 6/26/16) at approximately 4:00 and found some cams sitting on the summit boulder. If they belong to you, PM me with a description (make, size, # of cams left behind) and I can get them back to you.
  5. As a federal employee I have to humbly disagree. I've been clawing at the belly of the beast since '05. My fellow federales and I have cultivated a deep, dark sense of humor that allows to adapt quite nicely to our environment. That being said, I think you have accurately described all 10,000 of my bosses. And, while they may wish that we might perform like well oiled robots, I can assure you that the heart still beats.
  6. I heard Elmer is looking for a partner to climb Diedre...
  7. I have read many a TR posted by strong, competent climbers who spoke of making it down to the mythical 'Good Food' before they closed for the day... I never made it down in time.
  8. Thoroughly enjoyed that climb. I fully intend on coaxing Lee back into that area soon, I'm sure he's forgotten about the approach by now...maybe.
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