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  1. These are like new. Worn during 1 season for about 6 times only. I can't use them because they're just too small. I tried to make them work but they just hurt too much. I really need a size bigger. $100 or offer.
  2. The Tooth on Sunday?

    How were the conditions? Planning on heading up tomorrow and I'm curious.
  3. These overboots were used exactly once and are like brand new. Size: XL Price: $100 http://www.40below.com/products_detail.php?ProductID=3
  4. What is lame about the WA policy is that Ursacks are excluded. Hauling a hard sided canister is unnecessary as the Ursack are just as good, weigh way less and consume far less space in your pack.
  5. [TR] Mt Baker - Easton Glacier attempt 5/31-6/1/13

    Me and some friends climbed via the Boulder Glacier route this weekend as well. We also turned around at about 9300ft due to bad weather conditions.
  6. Beta on Hood Conditions

    Does anyone have recent beta on conditions for the high mountain areas, specifically the hogsback moving up and through the pearly gates? The avy conditions & weather are looking favorable and we're considering a climb but would really like some current conditions data.
  7. FS: Petzl Ascender

    Petzl Ascender, EN567 PRICE: $45 http://www.petzl.com/en/pro/rope-clamps-progression-0/ascension
  8. FS: Grivel Violino Snowshoes

    They'll work with any crampons.
  9. FS: Grivel Violino Snowshoes

    These snowshoes are like new, used very view times. They sell for about $120. I'm asking $60. Violino is a multi-purpose snowshoe that may be used on a variety of mountain terrains. The snowshoe binding may be attached directly to crampons while the crampons are on the boots, allowing confident use on steep icy slopes. Transition from snowshoes to crampons at the base of a route is safe and effortless. Heel lifters reduce calf muscle strain on steep inclines. The Violino may be adjusted to most boot sizes. It can be split into two smaller sections to carry in your pack. Violino is still one of the lightest snowshoes on the market. [img:left]http://www.wittfamily.com/4sale/dsc_3682.jpg[/img]
  10. FS: Grivel Evolution Ice Axe

    Sold. Thanks.
  11. FS: Grivel Evolution Ice Axe

    This is a like new Grivel Evolution Ice Axe, 58cm. The axe was purchased a few years back and never used. These sell new for about $175+tax. Asking $120.
  12. This is a used SPOT II device in perfect working order. The device is just a few months old. I still have all the original packaging and have never used the extras that come with it such as the carrying pouch, etc. The front of the device has 2 small indentations made by my yellow lab This is simply cosmetic and very minor at that. I'm asking $110 for the device.
  13. FS: GoLite Pinnacle Pack

  14. FS: GoLite Pinnacle Pack

    This is a used GoLite Pinnacle Men's backpack. The size is large. The color is palm, which is a light green. This is a really great pack and I've enjoyed using it a lot. The pack is in perfect condition. There are no rips or tears, all the zippers and attachments are as it was when I bought it new. $100.