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  1. BC Skiing with Jameson

    That is Awesome! Pure Awesome.
  2. Found: Weed and pipe on Stuart west ridge

    Only users lose drugs.
  3. Accident on NF of Shuksan today?

    http://blogs.seattletimes.com/today/2014/05/skier-from-seattle-killed-in-mount-shuksan-avalanche/ Only thing I've seen so far. Not good.
  4. Road to Darrington Washed out in Mud Slide, 3 Dead

    http://blogs.seattletimes.com/today/2014/03/update-on-search-of-mudslide-expected-at-9-a-m-today/ Seattle times says 108. Hope they are wrong.
  5. ABC Huevo set (1-13) $50

    Selling a brand new set of ABC Huevo nuts. Full set, 1-13 never even took the zip ties off. ABC Huevo Set (1-13) $50.00 Will ship but you pay for it.
  6. I have some stuff for sale. Yates Shield harness size: Med. Few years old, good shape, $60.00 SOLD (pending)ArcTeryx R-320 harness size: Med. Used, but it great shape. Years of use left. $50.00 ArcTeryx Vapor harness size: Med. I was taking lead falls in the gym 2 months ago in this, but I'd say its more suited for top-roping or following at this point. Use your own judgement. $20.00 Misc: SOLD (pending)Gri-gri 1. $30.00 WC rigid friend, #1.5 $25.00 Good condition. SOLD (pending)BD Camalots 2 #1's $20.00/ea #2 $20.00 #3 $20.00 All good condition, older cams, been stored and used correctly. I would lead on them, definitely aid on them. Use your own judgement. SOLD 2/3 (pending) 3 BD autolockers, $6.00/ea Basically new, carried them around a few times. BD locker, $4.00 Omega locker, $3.00 4 Omega Five-O lockers, $4.00/ea 9 BD d's, $2.50/ea Used, solid cond. Metolius El Cap haul bag. Used, great condition. $115.00 Mammut 9.6 60m line. Can't remember the model name. Couple years old, been stored in a stuff sack in my garage when not in use, aprox. 6 pitches on it. I'd lead on it for years to come, but I just got a newer 70m. $100.00 Pm for more info, pics, questions, etc. I'll ship if I have to, you pay for it. Prefer local pick-up, drop-off. See profile for pics, ask me if you need closeups or whatnot.
  7. Squamish last week of Aug.

    Fairly flexible, but likely 4-6 days.
  8. Had a trip to Squamish planned at the end of AUG. Partner bailed. Flexible dates, was planning on riding the train to meet my partner up there. Have gear, climb safely, looking for someone with some free time to climb with. Edit: Partner showed up. Thanks.
  9. I have a pair, unused, still in the box. Need to sell them. 5.10 Moccasym size 6.0 $85.00 http://fiveten.com/products/footwear-detail/65-anasazi-moccasym
  10. Index Noob

    I'm looking for people (or a person) who knows Index well. I'm an experienced climber who has yet to explore the area. I have Friday's and Saturday's available most weeks, I live in Seattle, can drive sometimes, have excellent belay skills. Haven't climbed much (outdoors) in the last couple of years due to injury and rehab, but I'm up for leading .9s and easier .10s. Will follow mid-11ish.