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  1. Have you spoken with TMG? They are the guides on this mountain. http://timberlinemtguides.com/
  2. BC Skiing with Jameson

    Good morning!!! Pretty stoked on the corn we are getting in Central Oregon and my son and I are on it. Not much out there that I could find in regards to a decent BC ski set up. But I'll post what I've got gear wise for those who are in similar position. Volkl Gotama Jr. Skis. 85mm under foot Tylolia bindings that work for both youth and adult cleat Old skins Alpine Trekkers Old beacon that basically is good for transmitting only. I started out looking into a used pair of Dynafit or Fritschi Freeride. Two issues for us was the DIN didn't go low enough and the boot cleat was for adult boots only. Getting my son into a pair of adult boots wasn't gonna work either. The Alpine Trekkers had to be pulled apart and the rails cut down to fit the boot but could be adjusted to fit the binding without modification. We have been able to ski some of our local "greatest hits" and basically get one run per day. The skinning takes around 2-2.5x longer than a day with friends. Honestly it is awesome to slow down and enjoy the sun. [
  3. Sisters climb in May

    The road to Devils lake (SS access) will be covered in snow at that time. Pole Creek road (NS access) most likely will have a long approach due to snow. If you have a sled access is much better to SS, BT and NS. SS and MS don't require rope travel. Pretty basic. BT could be considered rope required but depending on your comfort level you might need one. There are exposed areas near the summit. NS is often roped due to a steep traverse and summit push gully.
  4. WTB Alpine Trekkers

    Looking for a set of Alpine Trekkers. Attempting to set my kid up for hiking and his boots won't work with Fritschi Diamir Pro. Happy to trade for a set of small Freeride Pros or pay$$$$. Thank you, Dave Email... warrior1515@gmail. Com or Fivefour1-244-00nine7
  5. Go to Mt. Adams RIGHT MEOW!

    Got some on 5/7/15. Car to summit to car 10hrs with my dog and buddy. The night before was very cold and windy so skiing conditions up top were awful. Doesn't look like it has corned up once up high, but down low they were far better. Beautiful mountain. Dave
  6. Silveretta 404 with skis and skins

    Still for sale taking offers. Yes, I will break up the band if someone only wants bindings/skis or whatever.
  7. South Sister South Ridge Conditions/Advice

    It will be a long approach unless you have sleds or hitch a ride. I believe it is 5 miles ish on the road to the trail head at Devils Lake from Mt. Bachelor. But this could be easy if you are a distance type of person. I personally think that it is steep enough to slide on the route you are speaking of. However, I have never seen it slide or evidence of a slide. That doesn't mean it doesn't slide. As far as danger...it is pretty remote this time of year since very few people go out there in the winter. Spring is an awesome time to go. The road opens up and you can drive right to the trailhead. If you go early enough in the spring you can skin up from the car to the summit. I don't know you and don't want to step on your goals. But if you are asking for a strangers opinion I would say wait till the Spring.
  8. Silveretta 404 with skis and skins

    Located in Bend, Or.
  9. Silveretta 404 with skis and skins

    Approach skis with skins. Bindings are in ok shape. The plastic has cracks but everything else seems to be fine. Skins need help as they don't stick under foot. Skis are 180 and the 404's are size N (I believe means large). I used these skis with my plastic mountaineering boots and it makes the adventure of skiing downhill that much more of an adventure. It sucks going down, but getting to the climb is great. Call if questions. $125 obo and I can ship as long as you pay shipping. Dave 541_244_zero zero 97
  10. Nice work! Thanks for the report
  11. FS- Altitude Tent CAT315

    Colorado Altitude Training 315 Tent and 9 Air Unit and additional exercise mask kit and includes an oxygen meter for calibration. A queen sized tent (walk-in style - 7.5 length x 7 width x 6 feet tall) with a CAT-9 air unit. Air unit and mask are in great shape, tent shows some wear in a few corners, but can be easily repaired or taped over. Everything works perfectly. Price: $2,250 Location: Bend, Oregon http://altitudetraining.com/main/sports/products/uncontrolled/cat315 Feel free to give me a call if you have more questions. Dave 541-244-0097 edit: added price
  12. three fingered jack conditions?

    drove past the parking lot and the gates were closed. That is all I know. Call the ranger station in Sisters. They will be able to give you a better idea of what is going on.
  13. Traversing 3 Sisters

    Honestly, just walk or ski. They are close together and I believe that col is around 8000ft and each peak is just over 10,000ft
  14. [TR] Oregon Cascades - North Sister 2/17/2008

    Nice work!!! That is definitely a big approach, especially without sleds.