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  1. I have a set of grivel tech machine carbons with hammers I'd like to pass on. They are from last season and have only a few days of use. One day in silverton, a day in ouray, two days in hyalite. I ended up with a set of eliteclimb tools and dont need these as extras. Minor scratches from use. Never used drytooling. $400 for the set. 54I-48O-O5IO ~Dave
  2. Wondering if anyone has a set their kid has outgrown. Any sizes 136 - 152 cm would probably work. Cheers, Dave 541 four 8 zero O51O
  3. Hi! If you have an extra bearikade weekender lying around and want to sell it, get in touch Cheers Dave Davegauvin9@ outlook . Com
  4. Any pics of the route or the Ice cliff glacier?
  5. Nice TR and pics. Does anyone here know when the Teanaway road/ southern access to stuart is usually closed? Thinking of driving out there in a few weeks and the ranger stations are all shut down....
  6. CT Hammers

    File the back of the pick down close to the bolt hole. It will be pretty close, but will have a little metal left to close it off. Takes a little time, but if you go slow you can get a good flush fit. You might have to slightly bevel the contact side of the pick to match the machining of the hammer to get it to seat flat. Go slow and check it frequently as you get close to where you want it. They are machined to flush mount once the pick is filed right. I heard the new ones are machined to fit the pick without having to do this.
  7. I have a set of 4 Omega Pacific link cams collecting dust. These are lightly used and have never been dropped or fallen on. Probably only used on a handful of Trout visits. Other than that they've remained hanging on the storage wall. make an offer if interested. I can email pics if you want to see them.
  8. I have a Goullotte T rated axe/adze and a pair of Articule s12 crampons never used, collecting dust. Axe is 63.5 cm from top to spike and the crampons are full strap-on steel and fit boots 36 - 46. Make an offer. If interested I can send pics. Cheers, Dave G
  9. [TR] High Sierra Grand Prix - 6/8/2012

    That spotlight exposure on fishhook turned out nice. I'll have more vacation by Late Dec/ early Jan. We'll definitely do an ice trip somewhere then.
  10. N. Cascades Highway beta

    Anyone have any more info from this past weekend?
  11. Colchuck Lake TH road conditions?

    Any new update on the road?
  12. There seems to be a huge difference. Read the specs on the boxes side by side. Anyway, check out this video. I've been going back and forth between the two and think i'm going to pick up a Hero2 tomorrow. Seems to handle light changes quicker and work better in low light. 11MP camera compared to 5 if your doing still shots.
  13. FYI: Snowshoer missing on Rainier

    I did that 11 years ago up there. Spent the worst night of my life in a snow hole, ill prepared for it, and came to with the whole-body-barfies in the morning about when the sun tried to thaw me out. Was so cold and cramped from shivering all night, I couldn't swallow down any of my ice chunky water. Now I always cary a space blanket, extra wool top and bottoms, and goretex overmits now. Doesn't take up much space in the pack.
  14. Solo application for Rainer

    Orange food coloring would be better. Then he could still eat it.