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  1. Yikes, i cant belive you lost your tools man! Ill keep a look out up here.
  2. Anyone from the lower mainland interested in some climbing tomorrow? Avy conditions are bad (not to mention ice is marginal most places) so options are limited? I certainly am not selling this well, but is anyone interested? Derek
  3. Mine came the same way. I had to put a pipe on the end of a wrench for leverage to undo mine! I wonder if this is some sort of a liability thing.?.?
  4. Can you define spiritual experience? Is that simply a deeply moving experience or are you suggesting something supernatural? It can certianly be meditative, but spiritual? What is a spirit?
  5. Nice work, I've only done the route once but it seems like the route is the most "fun" in the early season for sure.
  6. Trip: Crown Mountain - Crown Couloir Date: 12/11/2011 Trip Report: Climbed Crown Couloir on Sunday as a morning solo mission. Conditions were perfect. I borrowed my girlfriend's garmin forerunner just for fun. Mission Statistics Starting up the grind at 5:30, Summit ~9:30, Gondola down, Home before Noon. Passed 2 other parties on my way out. Lots of ice forming on the north facing walls of Hanes Valley. A few lines looked pretty climbable. Looking up from the bottom of the couloir Further up Looking up the middle section of the couloir. There was lots of ice to be had all over the east face of crown, worth exploring. Summit shots looking N,E,S. Conditions are prime, get amongst it! Gear Notes: As of Dec 11th, route is in good shape to be climbed sans rope, and with a single axe. Bring rope screw and tools if wanting to try any of the flows/variations. Approach Notes: No flotation required. Grouse grind is icy. Early starts beat the crowds, but mean the gondola is not an option. Lots of up at down.
  7. They were. I really butchered the TR, its the first one i've put up on here, and had limited time to do it. I've done my best to fix it up now.
  8. Trip: Mt Harvey - North Ramp Date: 12/4/2011 Trip Report: After a failed attempt the weekend before my girlfriend and I finally found the north ramp in climbable condition. Nov. 27th attempt. No WI, just WW The route is definitely "in" now, but has very thin ice/mixed bulges on the lower half, with more snow and fat ice up top. Used the pickets lots, every ice screw, and 1 med nut, one #4 metolius. Descending the SW Ridge Our Route Sustained 45 degree snow with short WI2 cruxes for added interest. Great day, close to home, first climb of the season. Get after it. Gear Notes: 2 pickets 6 screws super light rock rack rock gear at the bottom of the route, pickets and screws at the top of the ramp Approach Notes: Standard approach up the lions trail until fork to Mt Harvey North Face Trail
  9. I'll take them if they are the new model. PM sent
  10. I'll take the Flex cams if the other deals doesn't work. PM sent
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