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  1. I'm looking for an Alpha FL 30 pack in the "cayenne" color. Thanks!
  2. question Women's Weather/waterproof Belay Jacket?

    I personally use the Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket for all my belay needs here in the Northeast. Rab added 25 more grams of down for the Fall 2016 model and this thing is a furnace. My personal opinion is Rab makes some of the best down clothing available. Plus, it's hydrophobic! I totally understand the need for a good synthetic coat though!
  3. Hagan Extreme skis/Silvretta 404 and skins

    Hey, I'm interested in your skis. Can we exchange emails? Please shoot me an email at: Greencb (at) gmail dot com Thanks!
  4. question Women's Weather/waterproof Belay Jacket?

    Not sure anyone makes a completely waterproof belay-specific jacket, unless you buy one of those $900 options from Arc'teryx= second mortgage. These jackets are more for skiing than climbing. Outdoor Research has their Fllodlight Jacket which is their alpine climbing specific down belay jacket with a waterproof shell, but it isn't seam-taped. I've tried this on at the shop and I personally don't think it's as warm as other options out there. They need to fill it with more down! Outdoor Research also has their Diode Hooded Jacket which is a blend of synthetic PrimaLoft and 700 fill down. For synthetics, Outdoor Research came out with their new Perch Belay Jacket this fall. 200 g/m2 of PrimaLoft Gold on the body and 180 g/m2 in the sleeves/hood. Reasonably priced compared to the DAS and way cheaper than the Dually Belay Parka.
  5. WTB: Used Spantik, Baruntse, or Arctis Expe

    I have a pair of Scarpa Phantom 6000s for sale. Men's 45, which I think equates to 11.5 US. Not sure if they'll fit you. Perfect condition, $400.00. Here's a link with photos.
  6. I too have thought a vest would add the additional insulation I need without being too bulky or warm. This winter will be my first season, so I have no field use yet. I purchased the OR Cathode Hoody. 60g's PrimaLoft Gold mixed in with soft panels on the sides to allow heat to escape. I plan on wearing the vest over my R1 Hoody. We'll see how it works out!
  7. Spantik VS. scarpa phantom 6000

    From the Cold Thistle website - You may want to take a look at the Lowa 6000 EVO RD. It's a double boot and, according to Dane, it "fixes" the minor issues the Phantom 6000s have.
  8. Double Boots Bigger Than Baruntse

    I wear a 45 also and have had great luck (width wise) with the Scarpa Phantom 6000's. I have a some-what wide fore-foot and these boots fit like a glove. Very well made and even hike pretty well too. Scarpa Phantom 6000 Review. Also, I've read good things about the Lowa Expedition 6000 Evo RD Lowa Expedition 6000 EVO RD Review.
  9. Mountain Project link with pictures here. Brand new. Men's large. $50 plus shipping. PayPal please. You can reach me at Greencb (at) Gmail (dot) com Thanks!
  10. Grivel heel lever on petzl crampons

    Thanks as always, Dane.
  11. Grivel heel lever on petzl crampons

    Dane - So, when you say you swap the Petzl parts for the Black Diamond pieces, are you referring to the lever-lock or the whole heal piece (spikes and all)? I'm currently using Lynx crampons coming from Sabertooth's. I agree and like the BD lever better, so I'd like to switch the Petzl lever to a BD if that's possible?
  12. New soft/hard shell pants: Single solution?

    Knifeblade pant discussion here. I ordered the Knifeblade's and wasn't impressed with the size and cut. Way to baggy on the men's medium. The Power Shield Pro appears top-notch, but I don't think the seams are taped, making them not waterproof. In soaking, pouring rain, I wouldn't trust them to keep water out. Plus, they would take a lot longer to dry than the Precip pants would.
  13. Grivel heel lever on petzl crampons

    Does anyone know where I can buy just a BD heel?
  14. Gamma MX Hoody or R1 + Houdini

    I used the R1/Gamma MX combo all last year and feel like I've struck gold. It has served me very well on water ice and alpine route here in the Northeast.