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  1. WTB Bibler I Tent

    Pete, Check your PMs Jim
  2. Various climbing gear

    List it on supertopo.com . It'll go quick
  3. WTB: ski poles, axe,crampons, tools, w's pants

    Alisse, Hoe about these crampons? Mountainproject It says you live in Seattle so I'll assume you've tried Second Ascent. Second Ascent Rock and Snow in New Paltz also has a consignment shop if you don't mind shopping long distance. They have an inventory listing on this page. Rock and Snow Happy Shopping, Jim
  4. Found Some... WTB: Silvrettas 404 or 500's

    Mike, Check your email. Jim
  5. speed knobs available for BD Turbo screws

    Mike, Didn't you make a device several seasons ago that was like a removable knobbed wire handle? Looked like the device on the Grivel 360. Jim
  6. W's Size 8 Kayland Mountaineering/Ice Climbing Boo

    Naomi, Sent you a text
  7. Patagonia Alpine Guide Pants - Size 34 grey

    jj, Check your PMs. I'd like to buy the pants. Jim
  8. Alisse, Check your PMs Jim
  9. Alisse, Check your PMs Jim
  10. Just a heads up for an event that's coming to Seattle. Rock Project Tour Great chance to hang out with and learn from some pro climbers. The overall event is geared towards reducing our impact and being good stewards of the places we climb, but there was plenty of climbing and great food. We (my daughter and I) just attended the New York event and couldn't believe everything that's provided for the admission price. Jump on this early
  11. Sold

    Nate, I sent you a PM Jim
  12. FS: Clothes, Boots, Shoes, Skis and more!

    Chris, I'm interested in several items. OR Ferrosi pants-what color are they? OR Cirque pants-what size and color are they? The yellow Houdini I will buy. I will take all of them if size/color are suitable and you can verify they're usable/not damaged condition. I would need these items shipped to zip code 07204. Can you accept payment through Paypal? Thanks, Jim
  13. WTB cold weather climbing gear, women's?

    Amy, Check your PMs
  14. WTB cold weather climbing gear, women's?

    Amy, Check here for water bottle covers. Check with the seller what size they are (OR makes 3 different sizes) At the bottom of this page you can tell what specific size and brands of bottle each can hold. Jim