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  1. FS: Silvretta 404 Bindings on old skis - $80

    Pm sent. I'll take those silvrettas.
  2. Kautz screw size?

    Thanks guys. I was expecting to come with long screws, so you've just confirmed this for me.
  3. Kautz screw size?

    I'm headed out to the Kautz in a couple weeks and was wondering about the typical screws that people bring. My glacier ice climbing experience is limited and I don't know what to bring along. Is the ice usually hard, so 13cm's are good or is it terrible ice and 19's and 22's are a better option? My guess is that longer screws are the answer, but I don't want to carry any more than I need. Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking for some suggestions

    medicsandy - I was going to climb Baker or Shuksan, but my partner is only interested in Hood. I've tried to sway him, but he really has his heart set on going up a technical route on Hood alone. I don't really care what I climb provided it's doable and challenging. skibum14 - Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look up those locations and add them to the list of possibilities. I appreciate it.
  5. Looking for some suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions. Mount St. Helens park might be fun and I'll definitely check out the red hot if the area. Any other climbing suggestions, or is Leavenworth the only place around?
  6. Looking for some suggestions

    DPS - I read your post and appreciate your input. I was wondering if anyone had been up that route during July. From what I've read (and from what you've typed) July is late for Hood. Just curious if it had been done.
  7. Looking for some suggestions

    Is Reid Glacier Headwall ever still "in" around July? I looked for TRs around that time, and it looks like nobody goes up that route late season. This route is more of what we are looking for compared to Cooper Spur. Thanks for the thirst-quenching suggestions. If I'm stuck in Seattle for a bit, I won't be thirsty.
  8. Looking for some suggestions

    Leavenworth looks doable and the tap room looks good too. I guess it's going to come down to the weather... Thanks for the input.
  9. Looking for some suggestions

    This is my first post here, although I have been reading on this forum for months. Anyhow, I'm coming out to climb Mt. Hood on July 1st and then heading to Rainier. We have a odd schedule and may have some time to kill (like 6 hours to 1 day), because we have to drive back to Seattle to pick up another climber from the airport. So, I'm looking for suggestions for things to do between Mt. Hood and Seattle. Maybe rock climbing, hiking, sights, microbrewery or whatever. While I'm asking for suggestions,I would like some route info for Hood. I've bought the cascade volcanoes guide and searched the internet for rout info. We are looking for a moderately technical route on Hood. It looks to me like Cooper Spur is our best bet for early July. Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance