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  1. Found rope on Guye peak

    Looks like someone bailed on Guye peak and left their rope. PM me and describe the rope and location If you want it back.
  2. The staffing issue has really cut down on the hours that the road to Paradise is open. I'm not sure what time they lock the gate but I believe is is around 5PM. This really cuts down on the day trips that are doable. How do others deal with this? Turn a day trip into a overnight, or return late and pled for them to unlock the gate?
  3. Mt Stuart West Ridge question

    Is there any snow left on this route, or on the cascadian couloir descent?
  4. I did a solo scramble up there four years ago. The mantle move was straight forward in hiking boots, but the descent gave me pause. I finally decided to jump down (the summit side is several feet higher), and was worried about twisting my ankle on the landing, but I landed ok. I was also pursued by a goat who let me go after a while.
  5. Avalanche discussion thread

    Even if the danger was just Considerable, the advice is: "Dangerous avalanche conditions. Careful snowpack evaluation, cautious route-finding and conservative decision-making essential." And the Likelihood of avalanches is: "Natural avalanches possible; human- triggered avalanches likely." Avy Danger Scale Based on this advice I would avoid these slopes.
  6. Avalanche discussion thread

    It appears that the forecast was High on the upper slopes and Considerable on the lower slopes of Cowboy Mountain NWAC History
  7. Info on Slesse conditons.

    This was taken 7/24/11
  8. When you have personally rescued as many climbers and DOGS in the mountains as I have then you can call me a dick on the internets. Until then come and say it to my face. I'll PM you my address. Pussy. I tat is is about puppies, but pussy need help too. [img:left]http://www.lolcats.com/images/u/07/23/lolcatsdotcomttbwex6me2ieahcu.jpg[/img]
  9. Rescue group finds ignorant beacon owner who triggered false alarms
  10. Here is an example from Colorado on how PLB can cost the rescue groups both time and money. http://www.denverpost.com/ci_14169778 It is speculated that some uninformed users are using a PLB as an avalanche beacon.