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  1. Free Camping in Leavenworth?

    Please delete this post. Camping there isn't legal and things have already started getting crowded with the forestland parking shutting down. Keep this info on the DL for the rest of us and/or use the PM function.
  2. Exit 38 Nevermind cleanup

    On the topic of cleanup at exit 38. In the last 2 weeks sometime a bunch of the trees under the trestle on the trail on the way up to deception before substation were chopped down. Anyone know the reason?
  3. Seriously consider leavenworth, mazama, nason, or index instead. Driving more than 45 mins to 32/38 is a waste
  4. Does anyone know the camping situation way up on mountain home road by the bouldering? last time I was there people where camping but I don't know the official status
  5. Quickdraws - BD Oz Wiregates - any opinions?

    quickdraws don't need to be lightweight. Instead of 10 Oz draws, get 14 posiwires or 16 freewires for the same price.
  6. Fire closure in the Enchantments!

    Was there on saturday but didn't venture into town or icicle. Stayed in the tumwater/castle rock area and there was no detectable smoke other than the smoke visible near the peaks.
  7. Fire closure in the Enchantments!

    The smoke is terrible, the particulate count hazardous. I'd recommend you wait until next July to climb in Leavenworth again. If you are in the Seattle area, please tell all your climbing friends the bad news as well. Haha I should have known this is the response I would get. I understand us city slickers are not welcome
  8. Fire closure in the Enchantments!

    Does anyone have an update on the conditions in L'town? Was looking to head that way on Saturday for some cragging/bouldering in icicle and tumwater. I don't think any of that is closed but is the smoke pretty bad or anything?
  9. So Leavenworth Memorial Day weekend, how bad is it

    Yea I know most of the various free camping available, but so do a lot of climbers. I also know the ticks aren't too bad right now, I was just there last weekend and didn't encounter any. I am a yuppy seattleite, but I spend enough weekends in leavenworth to know how things go. I was more wondering if the number of people will be insane, heck the parking lot above barney's rubble was the busiest I've seen it this past weekend(Outdoors for All and SAR practice didn't help) and we still managed to have a good time
  10. Kind of a last minute plan to head to leavenworth for some camping/climbing but I hear it can be packed. Was going to head out Friday afternoon to secure a spot in icicle if possible or tumwater. For those that have been there in previous years, do I have a shot, or will it be too packed? Any other good places to camp that aren't too far from the climbing?
  11. 04.07.12 Accident at Exit 38

    Some SAR guys rolled up as we got back to the parking lot at deception around 6pm asking about an accident that occured somewhere at exit 38. This must have been it. Saw lots of sketchy stuff for the first real sunny weekend of spring at 38. Let's hope we don't hear too many more of these stories.
  12. Climbing in WA in late april

    Anyone have an idea if 38 will be dry this weekend? Some rain up till friday but dry and high 50's. 32 at world wall should be okay but it can get kinda busy. Was thinking of heading to amazonia or peanacles
  13. Camping at smith?

    Are they still charging $5 at grasslands? I know last year we showed up and didn't pay for 2 nights and didn't get hassled. The car was only there at night though while we were sleeping. I know some people just camp on the other side of the fence to avoid the fee
  14. Top Ten Climbing Movies To Own?

    high lane
  15. Rock Shoe Naming Contest

    You can't keep pussyfooting on both sides of the fence. You keep saying your company is producing the same products for the last 8 years and nothing has changed, and at the same time say you are using your own designs. You designed those products when still a part of mad rock, and thus it is their intellectual property, even if you yourself produced the designs. So if you really want to legitimize yourself, throw out the old line and start new. You have the facilities, and seem to still have some of the people who designed those other products for mad rock, so come up with some new products. Differentiate yourself, no one needs 2 of the same product in this market under different brand names, what is the point?