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  1. Hi

    Pretty new to backcountry skiing and finally broke down and bought a setup. But I still need to buy skins. I bought BD aspect skis and was wonder best brand and bang for your buck. I also see them pop up from time to time used. Is it worth it or just buy new?

    Any info is welcome


  2. So. Im rigging a safety system for my brother to be protected while climbing up into his tree stand. He's scared of heights. I'm using webbing for the top anchor wrapped around a branch or the tree. With a locker going into a figure eight on a bite. Then I was going to connect the other end of the rope to the bottom of the tree. He would use a tibloc or Prusik to make his way up. Two questions: Is this the easiest way to do this? I'm also wondering if you can dye a rope a more camo color? I have some pmi 8mm cord but it has neon yellow in it.

    Thanks for any advice.


    Cleaning out some of my old climbing books.

    I looked up all the books on amazon and just made them cheaper than what they sold a used copy for. All prices include shipping to the lower 48. Paypal gift mode please. please ask if you have any questions. Open to any trades as well.

    Thank you


    - World Mountaineering - michell beazley - $5

    - High Exposure - David breashears - $5

    - Holding Fast -Karen James - $7

    - The self couched climber - DVD has scratches and may not work. $12

    - The Hill - Ed Hommer - $ 4

    - Three Cups of Deciet - Jon krakauer - $5

    - High Crimes - Michael kodas - $4

    - Dead Lucky - Lincoln hall - $4


    All books are in good condition.

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