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  1. There's definitely some trad in North Bend... Not the best quality, but it does exist. A lot of the routes can be dirty and don't seem to be climbed much. Here's a list of them... I may have forgotten a few. Exit 38 - Crack One With Me - 5.7 - Chainsaw Wall - Salutiferous Exalation - 5.8 - Peannacle Wall - One Chance Out Between Two Worlds - 5.10b - Peannacle Wall - Ultra Mega Crack - 5.8 - Slumbersome Ridge - AtaxiCrack - 5.11c - Valley View West - Cascadian Crack - 5.11a - Valey View West - Bicycling to Bellingham - 5.10b - Headlight Point - History Book - 5.10a - Shangri La - Guillotine - 5.10b - Shangri La - Magic Carpet Ride - 5.8 - Shangri La Exit 32 - On Second Though - 5.9 - Repo I - First Things Left - 5.6 - Repo I - First Things First - 5.6 Repo I - Next Time Around - 5.7 - Repo I - Three Legged Dog - 5.5 - Repo I - Mambo Jambo - 5.10b - Repo II (really fun) - Repo Man - 5.9 - Repo II - Fixer Upper - 5.8 - Repo II - You Get What You Deserve - 5.10a - AWOL (good off width) But yeah... I agree that Index is the place to be for high quality trad on this side of the mountains.
  2. i climbed it a few times last month, it's snow free.
  3. Brandon is a great guy! Congrats on the summit! I'm jealous!
  4. So i had surgery on my right knee (the knee that was bugging me) on this last friday. They went in and discovered that i certainly do not have any arthritis, and i finally found out why my knee has been in pain recently... As i mentioned in my first post, I had surgery on my right meniscus before. Turns out, they stitches came undone and the tear was opened again. So i basically re-tore it. But now i'm on the road to recovery and am sure glad it's not arthritis and that i now have it figured out.
  5. Yeah ive tried just about everything you could think of. Strengthening muscles, ibuprofen, rest, ice, stretches, yoga, more physical therapy, but nothing really seems to help. I don't even think it's arthritis, but the doctors do. The MRI Technician said it looks torn to him, but both doctors dont think so. They think it "looks torn" on the MRI scan because i've had meniscus surgery in the past. It feels more like a slight meniscus tear to me. I may have them cut me open just to get a better look at what it could be.
  6. I'll start by saying that I've had a lot of problems with my knees. I'm a long time sufferer of Iliotibial Band Syndrome, and particularly my right knee and my right medial meniscus have been bugging me as of late. In 2006 I had a Meniscus Repair on my right knee and recovered just fine. However, i've recently been having some swelling and more joint pain that was triggered by simple hikes and scrambles I did in September. In the last month, I have visited 2 orthopedic surgeons and had both MRI and X-Ray on it. They do not think it's a meniscus tear, rather some minor arthritis of the knee. I'm wondering if anyone here has minor arthritis and still climbs just fine? What have you found that works well to manage the pain and prevent further issues? The doctors say that i should still climb but slowly get back into it since i've been inactive for 2 months. I'm still young, healthy, only 23 years old, in great shape, and used to be a long distance/marathon runner in High School and Junior High. I'm into alpine mountaineering and grade 3-4 climbing. Stuff like the Kautz Glacier on Rainier, Reid Headwall on Hood, etc. Looking for some advice and stories of others with similar conditions. Thanks all -Ryan
  7. 10 hours car to car? that's QUICK!!!!!! unless you did it on skis, but jesus christ man...
  8. Amazing trip report and info - but i still think you REALLY NEED to buy a domain name and at least have it re-direct to your site. It's only ~10 bucks a year
  9. EEEK CAPSS LOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah just take a look at it from I-5 I don't think you really need much beta for that peak right now. Ice axe, boots, some water + candy bars and start walking... But i did find these for you.. not really recent but less than 1 month old: http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/trip-reports/trip_report.2010-07-27.3280676928 and http://pavel.treskunov.org/page/2010/jul/24#page:2010/jul/24
  10. i wonder if he's related to Josh Lewis?
  11. Nice, I was up there a few days before you with excellent conditions as well. Good work.
  12. My friend climbed it and summited it this weekend. You could shoot him a PM. Here is his profile: http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/users/16272
  13. I am a web designer and share your frustration. I can't stand IE! Keep up the good work!
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