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  1. [TR] Mt. Baker - North Ridge 6/26/2010

    Thanks for the trip report. We are heading up this weekend and I just had a couple of questions. What time did you leave camp to start the route? How steep was the ice that you climbed to the left? How many pitches of ice and what length rope did you take? Thanks in advance for the beta. Glad you had a good time and congrats. Any photos?
  2. Fuel for Rainier

    Some people wrap a coil of copper wire around the fuel canister to keep the fuel warm. Others recommend hand warmer packets to keep the canister from freezing. When the can freezes up the vapor pressure drops and you lose performance. Insulating the canister will only hurt your performance as mentioned above. If the can, can be inverted as with the Jet Boil Helios that this issue will be less of a problem as the vapor pressure is kept relatively constant since gravity is acting on the fuel in the inverted canister.
  3. Beta for Mount Baker

    Heading up the North Ridge on Mount Baker in about one week and I am looking for any beta for the mountain. Pictures, snow conditions, or any information about any of the routes in the last couple of weeks would be great. Thanks in advance.
  4. [TR] Mt Baker--North Ridge attempt--June14-15

    Hey thanks for the report. We will bea heading up in 2 weeks so I really appreciate the Beta. Better luck next year
  5. Baker North Ridge beta

    Would you be able to post some Beta or a TR when you get back. Looking at heading up the North ridge soon and I am curious about conditions, ice, angles, and pitches. Have a blast.