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  1. 25-15-9 Crossfit???

    The flip-side of this discussion is that there are many roads to becoming a "hard-man" and crossfit (or Gym Gones, Mountain athlete etc.) is not the ONLY way to get there. I can only say that my time in the gym has gone from 2hrs+ a day to about 45 minutes including warm-up and cool-down and I am lighter, faster and stronger then I have ever been. (But alas, still no hard-man in sight)
  2. 25-15-9 Crossfit???

    This makes me laugh. When's the last time you saw an Olympic marathon runner puke? Or Lance Armstrong finish a time trial and collapse? That's right, these guys aren't elite and not trying hard enough. I've never understood why anyone thinks falling over after a work-out is a good idea. Puking? I could break my finger with a hammer and the pain might cause me to puke, doesn't mean that I got a good workout. Are you kidding me? I can guarantee that there are many elite athletes working out this way and pushing themselves to the limit and even puking...maybe not at theie time trial, but in their preparation for sure. Just sounds like someone who is scared to work hard, so they try to find fault with others who are pushing the limits. I can hear it now at Gym Jones... "stop working so hard, I don't want you to puke!" (Says Mark Twight... yea right)Put your fear aside and give it a try, you might be impressed with the results.
  3. stuff for sale:

    PM sent about tent...
  4. Sausage Fest , We talked, you were nice

    You must have some major issues (if that picture is really you) and yet you are chasing some climber guy?? Isn't one of the bunch of guys that want to take you out good enough for you, or do you gotta go chasin' down guys who's names you can't remember? Can you post up a bigger picture?
  5. circuit bouldering grades at vw - wazzup?

    What, no punchline... I'm sure that there are numerous finishes to this one!
  6. circuit bouldering grades at vw - wazzup?

    I am mixed on the topic. I climb there and like the problems. I am just starting to get into the Yellow circuit (4-5) and have been able to project 2 of them. Are they 4's or 5's, I'm not sure but they are still harder than what I was doing before (but if I made them... probably 4s). I guess it basically breaks things up for me into: warming up (Blue 0s and 1s), general climbing and technique (green 2s and 3s) and working on project routes (yellow 4s and 5s), then back to do a 4x4 circuit... usually 2 blues and 2 greens. I suspect they are doing this for the climbing team and their workouts.
  7. Frenchman's Coulee this wk-end

    I'll be out there with some friends. What are you climbing? Don't have carpool room, but could hang if we're in the same zone. Getting there mid day on Sat, full day on Sun.
  8. How to fight gym bouldering newbie boredom

    A lot of what people are saying here is great info. You can get a more in depth look by reading the Self Coached Climber. 20 min - Traverse warm-up 30 min - technique drills 60 - 90 min - projecting 4X4's to finish it off If that's boring, think about naked girls while youre doing it.
  9. WANTED: Bent, Slightly Damaged, Old, Unsafe Cams.

    This isn't the baloon boy's father is it? Are you trying to set up your next experiment... just don't put the kid in there and call the cops this time, OK??

    call me 425-346-0897
  11. Scarpa Techno's - Taken from 8 Mile Rock

    It sucks to get your shoes stolen...
  12. Climbing Thurs-Sun (9.24-9.27)

    Judson, I'll be out at Frenchman's Coulee with a group of friends on Sat/Sun. If you want to get out there this weekend, give me a PM.
  13. I was climbing at 8 Mile Rock in Leavenworth on Saturday morning (9/19) at about 10am and after climbing, I changed my shoes and left my Scarpa Techno's (size 11 - yellow & black) on the log. I came back an hour later and the same group of 15 or so was there and no shoes. They said no one had come and gone, but the couple guys climbing next to us. This group of guys consisted of a younger guy (who climbed well, I hope he reads CC.com) and his Dad and another older guy, maybe his uncle. This guy said he climbed classic crack 30 years ago solo. Anyway, since most people would not consider putting their foot in someone else's stinky/gross climbing shoe, I suspect that the two older guys that were "guests" and not full time climbers were just using gear that was borrowed, they might have just put my shoes in with their gear mistakenly. Please, if that was you... I would love to get my shoes back. Thanks. P.S. - I think the Mother was there too and she had 2 black dogs, in case someone knows of who I might be speaking.