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  1. This is a repost from another thread but I thought I'd give this sleeping bag one more shot here before sacrificing it to the ebay gods. Sleeping bag is a Mountain Hardwear Ghost SL -40, long, left zip. Used on one 17-day trip. Like-new condition. Asking $450. Includes compression sack, mesh storage sack and shipping. email osbecker at hotmail dot com for pics. Otherwise posting here or PM works. Thanks for looking. scott
  2. FS: MH Ghost -40 sleeping bag

    Thanks for the tips.
  3. FS: MH Ghost -40 sleeping bag

    Haven't been able to move this thing yet and I've been too lazy to put it on ebay so I'll bump it here one more time...
  4. Selling some gear from a recent Denali trip that I don't see myself using again any time soon. All gear was used only on the Denali trip and is in 'good' to 'like-new' condition. Pics can be emailed upon request. Mountain Hardwear Ghost SL -40 sleeping bag. Long. Left zip. $450 Black Diamond Absolute Mitt. Size Large. Wore these for about 10-20 minutes on summit day but they were too hot. Otherwise just used in camp. $90. Outdoor Research Brooks Ranger overboot. Size L. Fit boots sizes 8-11. Unmodified but maybe with one or two crampon snags. If you need strap-on crampons to go with these, I will give them to you if you buy the overboots. $50 obo. Intuition Denali boot liner. Size Mondo 29 or US 11. Supposedly fits any make plastic mountaineering boot. Cooked once. $70. Random Item: Black Diamond Tele Crampons. Never used. Made for use with BD O1 or O2 bindings and ski waist up to 100mm. $40. Contact: Reply here, PM, or email osbecker at hotmail dawt com Thanks for looking. Scott
  5. One more bump for the sleeping bag and mitts...
  6. Overboots and liners sold. Bump for the other stuff (sleeping bag, mitts, tele crampons).
  7. Hey guys, sorry to those who have tried to get in touch. Haven't had access interwebs for over a month. Anyway, overboots and sleeping bag are both still for sale. Let me know. scott
  8. Overboots are $50 obo w/ or w/o the poons.
  9. Crampons are sold. Overboots are still available.
  10. A few people have asked about the crampons that go with the overboots. They are an older pair of BD Contact Strap. I'm guessing from 2002-04. If you want just the crampons, they're yours for $20.
  11. Fun! I grew up in Hood River and used to do that run all the time. Makes me miss it.
  12. Smith Thursday

    I'm looking to get out for a few hours in the morning tomorrow (6/25). Anyone willing to meet up or let me tag along? Scott 541-400-0383 osbecker at hotmail dot com
  13. The Prize is one of my favorite routes anywhere... Thanks for the pics!!
  14. Shasta - Memorial Day wkend

    Just an fyi, Cascade Gulch crosses the upper Whitney Glacier. So if your "technical skills aren't quite honed", you might be better off on Avalanche Gulch (maybe that's what you meant) or the West Face.
  15. I'm visiting my parents in Hood River this weekend and I'd like to get out and climb for a day. Anyone interested in heading out? Or already heading out and wouldn't mind a tagger-alonger? Not really picky about where or what... Post up, PM, or email osbecker at hotmail dot com scott
  16. Callahans access?

    Climbing at callahans is possible just about any time of year. I think the elevation is around 2500. I was there back in January and there was no snow, though it's possible a snow pack has formed since then. There was still snow up there around this time last year but the rock was still climbable.
  17. Crags in Oregon with appropriate bolts

    Rattlesnake (as well as the mad props) seconded!!!
  18. Driving to Red Rocks Mid March from Bham

    I'd be interested in sharing a ride down there. Have any more exact dates?
  19. Red Rocks climbing weekend

    Just FYI, the $29 fare through Allegiant ends up being closer to $60-70 when all is said and done... still a killer deal, though.
  20. My mom just picked up a new pair of skis after being out of skiing for about ten years. I'm looking to take her shopping for some regular ole' on-area boots in Portland soon. Anybody have suggestions for some good shops with helpful knowledgeable folks and a good selection? Many thanks...
  21. Looking for partners on both days. Not too picky about what I climb, just looking to get out. osbecker at hotmail dawt com
  22. Shasta in November?

    Not good... It's usually a thin layer of snow over scree. Nasty. Here's the route report: http://www.shastaavalanche.org/reports.htm but it was posted before the mountain got some snow over the last couple of days. Best to wait until winter or spring.
  23. As of Sept. 3, Weyerhauser has closed access to Callahans near Roseburg, OR due to fire danger. Updates will be posted on the hunting and recreation hotline 888-741-5403, ext. 5.
  24. Ride sharing to your favorite crag!

    Ride Wanted: 1. Date: anytime between now (8/28) and Monday (9/1). 2. Destination: Bend, OR/ Smith 3. Origination: Medford, OR 4. number in party: just me + gear 5. if you can drive or not (and the mpg of your car if so): no car... osbecker at hotmail dot com
  25. Yosemite rideshare

    I'm looking for a ride to the valley. But I can't leave 'til May 16th or 17th (18th would be ideal). I live in Medford, right off I-5. Anyone going then? Edit: I also need a ride home some time around the Memorial day weekend... anyone?