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  1. I am interested in the Suunto. I have sent you a PM. Thanks Craig
  2. The snow is finally here! I have a pair of G3 Targa Ascent bindings for sale. They are taken off a pair of very lightly used demo skis. Only slight cosmetic damage but still near new condition. Normally retail for $300. I am willing to part with them for $130.00 OBO shipped to anywhere in the lower 48. Here is a link with more info (http://www.genuineguidegear.com/gear/bindings/targa-ascent-telemark-binding). Essentially G3's version of the BD 01 bindings. Great for touring. Cheers, Craig
  3. Mount Jefferson Route Info - Wanted

    I was up about a month ago on the West Rib. We got to the summit pinnacle late in the day and it was still looking fairly iced up on the north side and mostly clear on the west. It's probably all clear now. As for the traverse to the red saddle, we decided to descend the southwest ridge, so we made the traverse. It was definitely icy in parts but was warming up significantly as we were on it. It was also pretty steep in parts. All and all it was pretty doable though, we just brought some snow pickets (3 i think) and used our axes as well for anchors and roped up. Worked fine and I felt very comfortable. Hope that helps.
  4. Wtb: modular crampons

    I have a pair of Black Diamond Bionics that are in good shape. They are probably '05's. Let me know if you are interested.
  5. FS- Tua Crossride 112 Telemark Skis

    Lowered price $175 OBO. Make an offer on some excellent skis!
  6. I have a pair of Tua Crossride 112 Telemark skis (178 cm) that are in excellent condition. They have no base damage and little topsheet damage from a couple seasons of use. They come with a set of Voile hardwire bindings with heal risers and leashes. These skis weigh in at ~9.5 lbs. and would make a great pair of skis for backcountry or at the lift areas. The wires I have on the bindings now fit my boots (size 9) and have a little room above and below. I also have some alternate wires I can add in that fit larger boots. Here is a review of the ski (second one up from the bottom): http://www.telemarktips.com/Skireview01_02.html I live in Eugene and could possibly get them to Portland or Seattle if I'm headed up that way, if not I can ship them. Asking $200 OBO Email me or give me a call if you are interested and have more questions! Craig craigemmes@gmail.com (541)953-2340
  7. Had a rope stolen??this might be it.

    yeah man, that guy was super sketchy. Stolen for sure.
  8. North Sister conditions

    I was up on it about a week ago. The traverse was completely melted out when I was up and so was the bowling alley. Almost no rock fall at the time too. I felt pretty solid the whole way up. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Don't know about the recent snow.
  9. [TR] Mt, Washington - North Ridge 6/27/2009

    Man, you probably missed out on the best part of the climb, the meat sticks and chicken sticks are a must at harbicks. mmmmmmmmm. Fun scramble though, what else do you have planned for the summer budday?
  10. Callahans access?

    How does that elevation compare to Flagstone? Tried to get up there and see if the road is clear yet last monday and was only able to make it 10 miles up quartz creek road.
  11. Callahans access?

    I've never been down there and was wondering if its the kind of area the gets any snow and if it is climbable this time of year. Anybody know what elevation it is at? Anybody been there recently?
  12. BD ATC-Sport Rant

    I guess what most people are complaining about this device is that it doesn't seem to have any advantages, just disadvantages. It can ONLY take a single rope, whereas with the normal ATC you have the OPTION of two or one. Even more so, the one advantage you would think would come with a device that is trying to be simplistic, being lighter, isn't the case. I'm honestly curious, coming from someone who has used it, in what situations would this device have advantages over another standard belay/rappel device with two slots? What situations do you choose to use this instead of another? It just seems to me that why not just use the double slotted device because it gives you more options if needed.
  13. DIY Chaco resole

    Does anybody have any experience resoling their chacos. I don't like any of the soles chaco is currently using. I currently have the viabram hiking soles on my chacos and find them just too damn heavy. I was looking at getting some of the dot rubber that La Sportiva uses on their Cirque Pros. I was curious of anybody has done this before and knows about some good rubber and where to get it. Thanks.
  14. Judd Mountain

    I haven't skied the judd but i did climb the very obvious coulior a few years back. If i remember correctly, we drove just passed where the train bridge goes over the road (20 miles?) from oakridge, crossed the river and parked after the road winds around the hill to allow us to get as close to the coulior as possible. We hiked up the river drainage and then up to coulior. When we did it, it was fairly icy and we chose to rope up as there was some pretty steep sections. We used pickets and that was it. Ended up having to rappel down a 30ish ft. cliff on the way down taking the more direct way instead of the way we came up. I believe in the right conditions it would definitely be doable and would definitely require some bushwacking but probably well worth it. If you have any other questions, let me know. Get after it! I just realized, is that you Ira? this is Craig...
  15. http://www.sierratradingpost.com/Product.aspx?baseno=1525U&cdf=TopSeller These are on sale. I'm looking to get some biners for my cams and complete my rack. What do you think. Pros and cons?