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  1. adidas outdoor presents REINHOLD MESSNER

    bummer on John Roskelley interview of R. Messner. Totally terrible, inappropriate questions lacking respect for both audience and someone's who's accomplished so much.
  2. I lost a copy bought 10 - 15 years ago and would love another copy.... can't recall title name. The book is on Alaska mountaineering, small size, 100 odd pages, supposedly written in two weeks. Contains anectodes and experiences on mountaineering the area. Perhaps by Harvard or Ivy college mountaineering club member. Thanks for any help reacquainting with an enjoyed book.
  3. [TR] Hidden Lake Peaks Area - Standard 1/6/2014

    Nice work finding sweet, open slopes free of tracks.... Looks like approach was not brushy either. .... Totally envious!
  4. Huba Huba 2p tent & Women's 85l pack

  5. -----------------TENT: I have a 2 person MSR Huba Huba for sale. It's in perfect condition with no rips, tears, or mold. It's gotten little use so we're passing it along in hops it gets use again. The tent is a fantastic, light weight summer backpacker. We bought it new for around $325. Selling price is $225.00 with the matching MSR ground cloth, MSR repair parts, stakes and everything else. More specs are on this REI site: http://www.rei.com/product/810183/msr-hubba-hubba-2p-tent ------------PACK: This is a well made pack with technical features like double zips, fused pull cords, light clips, horseshoe entry, separate sleeping bag bottom, detachable fanny bag, naglene holsters, et cetera. The mesh works well for summer travel and suspension is almost an external frame, for heavier loads and the 85 liter size. Women's size medium. Bought new, asking $150. Manufacturer has specifications online: http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/product/previous_season_1/xenon_85 Photo are here: https://plus.google.com/photos/106493131335922751050/albums/5894973721906991329?banner=pwa Call for more information after 5pm with my phone number here (reversed): 8989-054(602) Thanks!
  6. FS: Mountain Hardwear EV2 tent in PDX SOLD

    I see a two and three pole version of the EV2... Can you post a link with the version or official spec? Thanks.
  7. Lost gear - Blueberry Hill, Exfoliation Dome

    Has anyone spotted my cams or found the gear? It's a very busy route do I'd appreciate hearing.
  8. Lost gear - Blueberry Hill, Exfoliation Dome

    Aw come on, someone must have hit the stuff. That takes the piss.
  9. Hi, I was leading a new partner up Blueberry Hill, 5.8, 7p, Darrington, and lost several pieces of gear. The anchors are natural so unfortunately, there was no way to get back to the gear. If anyone could spot and return these things (there're Black Diamond cams, Metolius cams and 2 nuts) I would be grateful and can send a reward. Thanks!
  10. [TR] Mt Baker - Coleman Headwall 6/25/2011

    Great photos and great TR - Thanks for posting!
  11. [TR] Juno Tower - Clean Break 6/11/2011

    Beautiful - And way to push into the cold! It looks like a stellar climb!!