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  1. older metolius power cams 1-6

    will you do 35 for the two largest sizes, i can pick them up friday
  2. Nate, I will write a detailed post about it later, in the meantime we need to climb.
  3. Trip: Mount garfield - Infinite bliss Date: 7/19/2015 Trip Report: Today I soloed infinite bliss. I got there at 8 and was back to the car by 3. The crux was carrying 5 bottles of water, you can also bring a lifestraw and sip from the stream. At the bottom slabs to the right of the water stream there are 3 near vertical bolt-less pitches that you should freesolo, you can also walk up them in the forest to the right. I left 3 black diamond positrons and one 60cm Mammut sling at the stations on the bottom three pitches, the tat should be replaced soon. For the rest of the route just follow the bolts, the p.22 traverse is easy and the tat is in the bush at the end. Bottom line: Have fun, Bring more water than you expect to drink, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL FOR ROCKFALL. Gear Notes: Bring three times as much if your are simuling or climbing with a partner. 6 draws 2 extenders 4 lockers Approach Notes: The road is only open on weekends so plan accordingly. The road is very rough but can be done in something equivalent to a Nissan Leaf, be careful not to get a flat. 1.) Park here: 47°32'55.80"N 121°31'29.22"W 2.) From the parking lot walk down the road (east) 5 minutes. 3.) You should see a trail on the left continue on it until you see a narrow ramp feature made of smooth rock. 10 minutes. 4.) Continue up the ramp feature until you see a rockfall path. 10 minutes 5.) Continue on the rockfall path until you see the route. 15 minutes
  4. The tooth

    Thank you, but no I have never heard of a Dan graff
  5. The tooth

    I am an advanced skiier, have had many ice, rock classes at the mountaineers and AAI I can lead 5.8-5.9 on trad, can follow 5.9-5.10 can follow WI-1-WI3, and have a bit of mixed expierience, unfortunately i dont have much of a rock or ice rack but i have a rope and all the other things needed for a mission in the alpental valley, I would like to do the tooth this saturday 2/07/15, but I am open for almost anything as long as it is in my skill level PM me if interested
  6. pics or it didnt happen
  7. best belay jacket?

    Arc'teryx solo and dually belay parkas are my go to in cold weather