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  1. Nice TR! I was one of the two bikers you chatted with in Newhalem. Great pics, and congrats!
  2. Hot Marmot on Marmot Action

    That was beautiful...
  3. And the Accusations Begin!

    Ugh, I really hate seeing the phrase, "conquered the mountain." Amen, Gary.
  4. [TR] Alpine Lakes High Route - 8/20/2008

    Great pics! What are the peaks in the second photograph?
  5. R&D newbie close call, anchors needed?

    No anchors needed...it is a trad route. It is a great beginner trad route. To add bolts would render it something different. Just because one party got in over their head does not mean that the route needs to be altered. Poor judgment shouldn't lead to rescue bolts.
  6. Noooooo....

    and yet who opposed the DEIS? this shit just cruises through...
  7. Mountaineers.org

    exactly...everyone always forgets about learning to climb.
  8. Mt. St. Helens National Park

    make it so..........
  9. Road Closures

    The Cascade River Road past the El Dorado TH reopened today (aug 1).
  10. Check Point at Olympic National Park!!

    Sounds like total BS...anyone heard of this at other National Parks?
  11. Canada Fleeces Visitors

    How typically American to bitch about what other countries do with their own resources and lands. And how amazingly progressive of Canada to charge people who use more resources and cause more pollution higher fees than someone who does not. Perhaps it is time for us Americans to actually start paying for the upkeep of our own national parks, rather than pissing away what our grandparents and great-grandparents created for us.
  12. Getting started in Squamish

    Thanks for the info! Heading out tomorrow...
  13. A buddy and I are hitting squamish for the first time next week. Any recommendations for mid-fifth multipitch routes and 5.8-ish sport? Thanks!