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  1. Lost Kindle Fire at Vantage

    Lost our Kindle fire this weekend while camping/climbing at Vantage with the kiddos. We were camping in the northeast corner of the large camping area. Thanks in advance.
  2. Food cache logisitcs in cascades

    If these are heavily traveled roads...I'd hitch a ride to the closest town, resupply and then hitch back to the trail. Worked like a charm for 6 months for me.
  3. G12's or Sabretooth

    I'd be surprised if your feet fit as well in your boots with just a light pair of cotton socks, unless that's how you initially fit your boots. If you normally wear heavy socks with liners and then switch to cotton socks, I can definitely see a recipe for blisters....lots of slop in the boot for sliding around. Play with it. Go for a short hike in cotton socks and your boots. Best way to know is to try it. Have fun!
  4. Response of Law Enforcement?

    ClimbingPanther...I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm completely baffled every time I get out of my car at the crag and look into the back seat of the car next to me and it's full of gear! I almost left a note on a car once..."Knock, knock...you're lucky if your shit is still here when you get back!" If you meet your climbnig partner at the TR and you both brought your ropes and racks...you're gonna have to carry it all with you to the rock, don't leave it behind.
  5. Vantage will be high 70's this wkned

    Check PM's.
  6. it's a good day

    Does it strike anyone else odd that Icecube is now making "family films" where everyone laughs at him making an ass out of himself? Wow...the days of NWA have definitely passed, ey? Speaking of good/bad hair days...check this out bettybeauty Who knew you could have a bad hair day down there?! Oy!
  7. Hey Minx! This is a great idea, and I'd love to be a part of it. I'm in a similar situation as you are...available around 3:00-ish and can head anywhere from there. Car, rack, rope...we're good to go. Any other ladies out there?
  8. AlpineK...I don't know the extent of your injuries, but something that I learned as a gymnast (in my MUCH younger years) was to try to incorporate a little bit of training throughout the entire day. Fast forward to today....I have two things that I've continued to do: isometric exercises during commercial breaks of my favorite TV show (I know, I know...TV is evil), and stretching when the phone rings. Commercial breaks are great because they last about 3-5 minutes, and you can work up to holding (ISO-metric) a push-up position or a wall-sit for the duration of the break. Try holding a push-up position with your hands in different positions too...way out in front, close to your waist, on your elbows instead of your hands, REALLY wide...anything! These are great for the core. Lastly, every time that phone rings...let it be a reminder to stretch. Yep, get down on the floor, talk on the phone and reach for those toes. Or, work your balance by standing on one foot and holding the other one up. It's all about the little things. Have fun with it. Good luck.
  9. L-sit to handstand is called a "press-handstand". It's a gymnastics thing.
  10. Men need not apply...

    Seriously, can you guys not read? This was a perfectly legitimate post until you came in a pissed all over it. Is it a marking your territory thing? Just deal. Oh! And find something better to do than butt in where you're not wanted. Still looking for girl climbers in the Seattle area....
  11. Men need not apply...

    Awww, Kevbone...don't get offended. Men are great! My climbing partner for the past three years is a man, and he's been a fantastic mentor. Unfortunately, I find that I often rely too heavily on him for leading, and our schedules will no longer coincide as often, so it's time to look for a new partner. I've never had a female climbing partner, and I thought it would be fun having a little more estrogen around. And, girls smell better.
  12. Men need not apply...

    Hey there lady climbers! I've recently found myself in an exciting predicament where I will have almost every Friday-to-Sunday off for the rest of the year. This means that I'll be able to getaway to pretty much anywhere (within a 6 hour drive) for long weekends. I'm hoping to find a few steady FEMALE climbing partners for the season. If there are already established groups out there, I'm more than willing to jump in. A bit about me...I've been climbing on and off for about 3 years. Sport: I'll lead up to 5.8 (if it's an extra special day, a 5.9 here or there). Trad: I'll lead up to a 5.7 (I'm still a weenie when it comes to crack climbing, but I'm working on it). Belayer: Extremely patient and attentive. So anyway, send me an email (teresa@tcd.org) if you're up for climbing. Climb ON.