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  1. A few weeks ago was the first annual slackline festival. They were probably rigging for that.
  2. You should see it now. There is a standing platform at the base of Fat Crack (Outer Column Jam). It looks kind of weird, but I guess the concrete is supposed to support the columns that shifted.
  3. Seems like Shapp climb the full limpdick before the it was shortened. I remember hearing that the rock expanded when M. South was climbing it so they shorten it. After they shortened during that stormy wet winter/spring the rocks fell and took out parts of the metal nets.
  4. Selling two Metolius Master Cams Black #5 - Used, no falls ($35) Green #6 - Used, no falls ($35) In Eugene, Oregon. Willing to travel to Portland, Bend and Medford area...
  5. I think I have a picture of you guys climbing. I was one of the leaders of the group that was doing basic anchor building at the North Point.
  6. In the end this was self policing by climbers. The person who put in the bolts was in agreement that the bolts should be removed. The bolts were removed.
  7. Is large the size of the tunnel or the sprayskirt?
  8. If there is anything I can do about the rc.com description, please let me know. I have the ability to change the area descriptions. I can't change the pictures however.
  9. I like the E grades. I sometimes wish I knew more that R and X when climbing a trad route.
  10. The two ascenders and two etriers. Daisy chains going to both ascenders clipped short. All you need is lots of practice shifting your weight to get efficient at it. The easy aider is a pain in the ass to use. But some people swear by them. And the last question. Watch two a day with Tommy Caldwell. You'll see Rodden jugging up just like the normal people do. If it ain't broke don't fix it, eh?
  11. I live in Eugene and I'm always down to climb cracks. Columns (which is 5 minutes from Downtown Eugene), Crack in the Ground, Smith whateve. I work at the OP. Come by and say hi.
  12. Leaving the Columns today and I found a white Petzl harness bag. It had some climbing gear inside the bag. If you can tell me what was in it I'll give it back. Or if you can show me your REI card, there is a receipt that has the member number 5091528. Send me an e-mail at rithykhut [at] hotmail [dot] com
  13. I've seen something similar done before in the Peak District in the UK. Outside sold gear though and had a coffee shop (best tea and cake ever after a hard day of climbing!) upstairs and the gear shop downstairs.
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