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  1. Zeke's Wall Routes

  2. Avy Probe Length

    The longest!
  3. Mt. Erie Question

    Mixed routes at Erie can be spectacular!
  4. Tower Jobs

    Ha ha, funny G! So Denmark then?
  5. Tower Jobs

    If I were a tower climbing job where would I be?
  6. where is good sport climbing in Leavenworth?

    Drip... Drip.... Drip... Thanks Sol!
  7. Do falls degrade cams??

    Link cams are AWESOME for gear belays!!!
  8. Note, the hanger that held the fall reportedly appeared the same as the two that failed.
  9. Hey Chum, that was the gnarliest fall I've ever seen!!! Glad you are alive. I thought for sure you were broken or dead. Heal fast! Bobby
  10. Redpoint Tactics

    up and downclimb your last send, then come back to your current project.
  11. Redundant personal anchors?

    Ha! good question. the clove hitch is good enough
  12. Orbit runout?

    Congratulations Christine!
  13. Mt. Baring

    all i know now is the approach is heinous!
  14. Mt. Baring

    Don't have any topo's, wish I did. http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/841410/NW_Passage_Vanishing_Point_on_#Post841410 Hope this link works...
  15. Mt. Baring

    Down the NF yes, but also down a bolted line. I think there's a couple, just don't know if I can bypass the overhang...