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  1. do you still have the dynafit LT race bindings?
  2. for sale FS: BD backcountry ski set-up

    hi I am interested in the tech bindings if you are willing to unmount them? thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot everyone - I will compile a list and do some research and get in touch with a few people who have offered to speak in private further. What about Wyoming?
  4. it would be nice to live at 1000m+ but of course, having the mountains fairly close by is not something I could complain about... I would greatly appreciate any contact with climbing doc's and surgeons you may be able to provide me with, as I could seek out some professional advice as well!
  5. Hello fellow climbers, i am hoping to move out west for work etc. I do realize there are a ton of posts out there giving advice on where to live as a climber (and I have read many of them) but I thought maybe my situation is unique enough that some locals and know-where's can give me some more insightful tips. I spent the last 5 yrs or so in Europe for study and I plan to move back to the US some time next year. Close proximity to places like the Alps and Dolomites got me really hooked on the alpine environment. Knowing so little about anything west of Missouri (where I went to university), I am struggling to find a suitable place for work and play. Things that I am looking for in a town: - a major hospital nearby (preferably with a level 2 trauma center) - unfortunately for climbing my profession is in medicine... - near or in the mountains at altitude...nothing beats living with a mountain view and fresh air... - lots of opportunity for sport, trad (<30 min drive?!) and alpine climbing not far away (<1-2 hr drive?!). I will likely be kept very busy so probably living near a sport crag that could allow me to climb a bit after/before work would be ideal. Excessive indoor climbing drives me a bit manic, although as does continuous bolt clipping. So it is pretty important to have long alpine rock/mixed/ice routes accessible. - a friendly and simple climbing community would be great. My family lives in Boston and a recent visit left me aghast at the soaring number of pompous gym rats... I've looked at places like Boulder and Bishop, but I would really appreciate some insightful words from knowing locals! Somewhere in WA or OR? Thank you very much!
  6. FS Almost brand new La Sportiva Nepal EVO GTX 42.5

    Hah - good luck selling.
  7. num1mc if u are still interested in trading ur ice axe or possibly selling it, shoot me an email at: fancito at gmail.
  8. stainless steel bolt hangers, smc wedges are sold.
  9. never mind the date on the photos...the pictures were taken yesterday. the camera got reset and I didn't bother to change the date.
  10. sold. the rest are no longer for sale.