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  1. Climbing this week

    I'm out of town for a week. Leave this Friday AM. Maybe you could talk to sharp_end (see above) and work something out. Good luck! -M
  2. Climbing this week

    Northeast of Seattle: Google Map Trad and some sport climbing. Link to some old topos scanned in online: http://www.stanford.edu/~clint/index/index.htm
  3. Climbing this week

    I've been replying to other posts but am still looking for a climbing partner any day from Monday 6/16/08 to Thursday 6/19/08. Index is my favorite place but I'm up for other destinations as well (I'd prefer cragging but I'm up for alpine as well). Have a rope, full rack, can lead up to mid .11 range and can split gas. I'm an awesome partner with one downside - I don't own a car. So if you want to pick me up on the way out to Index (I'm up in Lake City - on the way to 522 depending on where you're coming from) we can get some climbing in. Even if it's an after work thing it's light out til 9pm these days and I'm up for staying as late as anyone else is willing. -M
  4. Ride sharing to your favorite crag!

    1. Any day Monday 6/16/08 to Thursday 6/19/08 2. Index (my fav), Leavenworth, Little Si or elsewhere 3. Seattle (Lake City area) 4. 1 (just me ) 5. No car (but can share burden of driving/gas) PM me if interested. Full rack and can lead on gear up to mid .11 -M
  5. It's my last summer of freedom and I'm looking for partners to hit the road with. I just got into a school down in Pomona, CA and I'll be starting in August which means I'm moving from Seattle in July. In lieu of this news I'm leaving my job at the the end of April and hoping to start road tripping in May before having my nose in a book for four years . Problem: I don't own a car. It's a pain in the ass sometimes and a badge of pride others. I also don't solo , thus I need a partner. I come with: ability to drive and split gas , rope, rack, all the camping gear I need, motivation for slogging on long approaches, suffering on offwidth/chimneys, and the ability to enjoy trad, sport, bouldering, and walling. I'd love to go down to Yosemite with anyone who has the time and do some long free routes. I'd be up for walling if anyone has the gear. I followed/cleaned on Lurking Fear last summer and I'd love to get on a big wall again but I'd be happy with just doing some long routes. It doesn't really matter to me how hard you climb as long as you know what your doing, but for those who're interested here's roughly where I'm at: I climb mid 10's trad (low 11's on a good day), low 12's sport, and V5-V6 bouldering. If you don't have a big chunk of time on your hands I could go with on a shorter trip and just stay until I found another ride back home. It also doesn't have to be the Valley - other big destinations for sport/trad/bouldering I'd be up for as well. So if you are or you know anyone who's up for joining me in the freedom of dirtbagging for a good chunk of the spring/summer PM me and we can get in contact.
  6. awesome!

  7. Motivation Waning

    I ride a tricycle in the snow uphill both ways.
  8. Hypocrisy

    coming from the 4th biggest attention hound behind K-bone, pink and TV, kind of funny. listen, crybaby, i've posted a lot of incendiery crap, and I've never been banned (yet). so you must be doing something beyond the pale. I can go back and find it, I called someone a name (tops) not even the f' word like some people here call others. Warlord went overboard you want my opinion but only his mattered so he did it, not like it mattered anyways becuase who wants to be on here during a weekend. Just venturing a guess - it may have to do with consistently not contributing anything to a given discussion (i.e. your posts are devoid of any meaningful content) combined with your consistent inflammatory remarks. Not only does KKK contribute to the discussion but he actually thinks about his "incendiary" remarks and doesn't dish them out completely undeserved.
  9. Blackwater

    I'll take a medium.
  10. Blackwater

    I'm sure this will all be written off as the classic excuse "politically motivated witch-hunt" but: NY Times Article re Congressional Blackwater Report Link to Congressional Report Innocent until proven guilty - but - to those that would defend Blackwater: What would it take to convince you that Blackwater employees have/are wrongfully killing innocent people?
  11. Blackwater

    You mean like: and ?
  12. Blackwater

    So the ends justify the means? Well allow me to ask an expert then. It seems that there's been debate over whether the Blackwater employee's (I can't think of a more neutral term) involved in these incidents justifiably used force. Legitimate question: Suppose a Blackwater employee actually does murder (i.e. unjustifiably/wrongfully/intentially kills) an Iraqi civilian - would he ever be prosecuted? If so, by whom and under what laws? I think a lot of the concern is over the accountability of Blackwater and these contracted operators in general.
  13. What did you do this Weekend?

    Made the most of two half-days (family commitments) and climbed Heaven's Gate Saturday morning (stellar route) and some lower wall cragging on Sunday afternoon (note to self: need more small gear for Sloe Children). Skipping out of work Friday for more Index love. Anyone else going to be there?
  14. Sport v Trad

    Sport climbing is where you clip pre-placed bolts drilled into the rock hang on them, try a move, hang again and then spray about how hard you climb while elitist trad climbers tell you how full of shit you are. Trad climbing is where you place temporary protection into cracks and other features and use eco-mindedness as an excuse for chest-beating and telling sport climbers how full of shit they are and how sport climbing is for pussies/wankers/fags/otheroffensiveinsults. See below.
  15. You aRe all sO SUCk