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  1. Anybody need another person for Meadows pass?

    We've got a slacker in our group and may need one more. Sending PM.
  2. Lineage

    White, english-speaking male named Smith - very ethnic.
  3. sport vs. trad?

    What are the rules/ethics/ediquette for fixing bolts on routes without any? Not that I would do such a thing.
  4. highland games

    Yu swet thaht shyte ohgt o'yar sistem lad!!! Eff aye comback an estileer ahyll fughkin kikitought!!
  5. 3 finger and washington

    Dude! Sweet! Let us know how it is up there!
  6. The strategy is?

    What he said. Go Jews.
  7. New Hikers for Glaciers, Please Weigh In

    Good time to rent some plastics dude.
  8. The strategy is?

    Noble? Yes. Desirable? Certainley. Will maintaining such a ideal preclude Islamic Fascists from seeking the destruction of Israel, The US, (insert infidel nation here)? Nay.
  9. The strategy is?

    Add some weight, Viagra and Oxycontin and I'd be talking to Rush! Let's have some good ethnic cleansing of Arabs to protect freedom! hint: islamofascists aren't the loons with nukes, and islamists want to roll back the clock ~1400 years (it's the Christian fundamentalist wackjobs who want to roll back 2000 years) Take it however you wish. Just letting you know.
  10. The strategy is?

    I'm not at all surprised you don't get it. All there is to get is this: Islamic Fascists want nothing more than to convert everyone, eriadicate freedom of religion and speech, put the women in burhkas, and basically roll the clock back about 2000 years or so, or kill you if you aren't down with that idea. But we have nothing to fear until they start busting into Jewish community centers and gunning down women here in the US...oh wait.
  11. The strategy is?

    Yeah that's me brain. The difference between us and the Islamic Fascists is that we don't intentionally target civilians. Yes they get the raw deal being used as human shields by Hezbollah, but if they're not shooting at the Israelis then they're handing the Hezbollah guerrillas the ammo. I don't get off on seeing kids get it. The fighting-age men, too bad so sad.
  12. Heading to Thailand

    Dude, definitely go scuba diving. If you're not already certified, then take the crash course before you go. I gave up diving the PNW after diving in Thailand (Phuket). Just awesome.
  13. The strategy is?

    Kill them all and let Allah sort them out.
  14. The strategy is?

    Israel is doing us a huge favor by taking it to Hezbollah. Go Jews!
  15. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Kautz Glacier 7/28/2006

    Sweet route dude! That stuff looks crazy. Might wanna check that rope for crampon gashes.