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  1. China Bend info

    Inland Northwest Rock Climbs You need to camp at the campground for China Bend or take a chance camping down by the river. Marcus you can drive to the end of the road and camp there. China Bend and Marcus you warm up on 5.11.
  2. Bathroom situation at Vantage

    Sorry Matt, it's just a Shit Hole with a very nice cover over it. Nothing much to sing and dance about unless your standing in line...although it has been long over do.
  3. Bathroom situation at Vantage

    Washington Climbers Coalition
  4. Mineral Rock is now open

    I'm working out here on the wet side and looking to get out climbing this weekend. I have a route I'm working and I need of catch. If you would like to climb at of the best new crags on the westside let me know.
  5. Hell

    I thought climbers would burn in Hell with out a Guide!
  6. Hell

    It just might have been the best 420 in Hell this year, with some my very good friends! The rain held off till 4:00 pm on Friday and the cloud cover was just right for the rest of the weekend. We seen a few other climbers getting there grove on. The lack of info dose not seem to slow some folks down. This year because for lack interest, I have let the website Climbing in Hells Canyon.com go. I'm still working on the guide but with no projected finish date as of yet. Don't let this keep you from climbing in Hell!
  7. China Bend

    China Bend will remain closed till July 31 2013.
  8. Hell

    420 is coming up and it's over a weekend this year!
  9. Hell

    We are headed to Red Rocks for Christmas and The New Year, it dose not look good for Hell right now. Watch for that high- pressure over north eastern Oregon and southeast Washington. It will be very cold at night but very nice climbing during the day.
  10. Hell

    What Mark said in Spades...Native Americans wintered there for a reason. Sunshine!!
  11. Who is going to this Future of Fixed Anchors Conference I thought I would know someone that would ride down with me, share the gas and spend a few days climbing! Out of all the climbers I know that bolt routes nobody is going. So I ask; who is going and would ya like to share my ride and split the gas?
  12. Hell

    It was another great weekend in Hell.(a little smokey) We seen a few new soles... baking in the sun on the South Flatiron. I would guess and say... they might have thought they were in Hell! A long standing project of Kevin's at the Pig Pen went down at 12 d by Spencer Fall has to be the very best time of the year to climb in Hell!
  13. Hell

    With daytime temperatures are getting back down to a tolerable level... it's time for Hell! Lookin forward to a long weekend with a few other worthy soles. Fall is prime season, all the seeps are dry and shade temps at 69 what more could you ask for! Come join us in Hell!
  14. Best place to live in WA?

    [img:center]http://mw2.google.com/mw-panoramio/photos/medium/24524398.jpg[/img] Any town with a 509 area code would be better than living on the wet side of the state.