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  1. [TR] Mt. Hood south side - 3/16/2007

    Hey, I would like to see you guys do Hood with 40 pound packs in 7 1/2 hours with only 3 hours of sleep. I sure all of us have been sick from altitude once or twice. At least we didn't give up. In the end, all that matters is whether you had a decent time.
  2. [TR] Mt. Hood south side - 3/16/2007

    Liberty ridge sounds like it would be fun to try. Maybe it would not be fun to climb, but it would be fun to try.
  3. Pearly Gates vs. Old Chute on Mount Hood southside

    That is what I was thinking, but the chute we did was the shute in the picture up above. Where is the old shute supposed to be located.
  4. Pearly Gates vs. Old Chute on Mount Hood southside

    Hey, I might have seen you up there yesterday. We summited at about 2:15. I am sort of confused which shute we took. What we did is climbed the hogback and then traversed right a bit until we found a shute with about a 8 foot high step of easy AI2. Was that the old shute or the pearly gates.
  5. Friday/ Sat. Anything

    My friend and I are going to do Hood tomorrow. We are going to be at 11009 14th ave NE, sEATTLE, WA at 1AM on friday (tomorrow). If you can get all your gear together by then, meet us there. The weather is supposed to be 20% percent rain in the morning and 10% in the afternoon. And mostly cloudy.
  6. Angle of declination

    What is the angle of declination on Hood? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Angle of declination

    I was using the topo program available here on campus, and it doesn't have the angle of declination marked on it. Unfortunately, my compass cannot be set to true north, but I have been using a compass without that feature for years so that doesn't bother me too much.
  8. Angle of declination

    Thank you very much. I am grateful for your input.
  9. Northside open in April or May?

    I have been trying to find partners who will go up there and check it out sometime, but I have not been able to find anyone. I want to attempt Liberty Ridge this spring or summer, but right now it is 11 miles to wrcg and 6 more miles to the base of Liberty Ridge. Unfortunately, I don't know anybody who is up to doing a reconnaisance.
  10. Navigation Course

    I have known altimeters to be off by 300 feet of vertical. I think that my partner did forget to calibrate it, but they are still not always accurate. They are still a useful tool, but do not follow them blindly. With decent visibility, a good map, and a compass you can sometimes pinpoint your elevation better than an altimeter can. Check out this site. http://www.thealtimeterstore.com/howtheywork.html
  11. Navigation Course

    Go do an off-trail hike. Take it slow and take compass bearings frequently. If you become really good with a map and compass, you may be more accurate than an altimeter. You can navigate off of the angles of hills and any visible landmark, but if there is zero visibility, you will just have to guess. Remember that the angle of declination is about 20 degrees here in Washington.
  12. GAAAAA !!!!

    So what is a bowline used for. Why not just use a figure eight.
  13. boots, boots, boots?

    I have used leathers on Rainier, etc. I have also used them for ice climbing up to WI3. They are plenty warm and dry down to below 20 degrees. I have used them for many winter climbs without regrets.
  14. Removing stoppers from rock

    I went climbing this past weekend and had to leave a stopper behind. It was wedged pretty deep into the crack the wrong way, and I couldn't get it out. I had fallen on it. Are there any techniques or special tools that you guys use to remove chocks once they are really, really stuck. I have had problems removing chocks from cracks previously, but I never lost one before.
  15. Disproportionate Newbs

    Well, what I meant is that if you are climbing roped and are doing everything right, you will have a tiny probability of dying. I realize that climbing is dangerous, but as far as toproping or even lead climbing go they are generally safe. Free solos on fifth class rock are not safe. I would agree with this most of the time, but sometimes you end up full of adrenalin or summit crazy and you don't have very much fear.
  16. Disproportionate Newbs

    I totally agree with you guys. I got used to free soloing 4th class rock unroped mainly because my brother and I didn't have any gear. Now that I do have gear, roped rock climbing doesn't seem very scary at all. If I fall, I know that I will not die, whereas before I would have died. As a result, I am not afraid to test my limits.
  17. Mount Kent Rescue

    Hey, I am a really nice guy too. I sort of scare my partners half to death unintentionally sometimes, but in the end I am still a nice guy.
  18. Mount Kent Rescue

    I think most of you know what I mean by an ice axe becoming a part of you. By the way, I guarantee that I am not a noob when it comes to 45 degree snow slopes. http://www.nwhikers.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13209&highlight=Duke+of+Kent
  19. Removing stoppers from rock

    Thank you, Kurt. I look forward to learning from you. Let me know when or where you want to go somewhere.
  20. Removing stoppers from rock

    I totally understand your concerns Kurt, and I am grateful to have learned a good bit from you guys. I even have a belay device now. I never had anybody else teach me anything before I met the alpine club. Thank you for letting me come with you on that climb. I appreciate it. I would like to climb with you again sometime when I get more experience, and I hope to see you Monday in the climbing gym.
  21. Removing stoppers from rock

    I warned him guys. All right, my participation in this topic is over.
  22. Mount Kent Rescue

    Hey, you learned your lesson. I sure most of us here have had a minor or major accident at least once. Thankfully, most of the time they aren't as bad as yours. Eventually your ice axe will become a part of you. Good luck with your battle scars, and get well soon.
  23. Mt. Hood Climbers to team up with...

    When are you planning on doing Hood.
  24. Removing stoppers from rock

    I only would have fallen about 4 feet if my belayer had failed to hold me. You can almost reach the stopper from the ground. The way I practice leading is to just place excessive amounts of pro. One of them has to hold. I yank downward on every stopper to make reasonably sure that it is a solid placement. Thank you for your input and concern guys. I have learned a good bit from you. I will learn all this stuff eventually.
  25. How gun control doesn't really work

    Whoa, guys. Personally, I am against gun control. As has been seen in Britain and Washington D.C, it does not lower violent crime and merely lets criminals know that every honest person is practically defenseless. It doesn't help anybody.