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  1. until
    Boy scouts are hosting a benefit dinner with Aaron Linsdau, polar explorer, author, climber and eagle scout. He will be speaking about his expeditions, polar travel and perseverance.
  2. lost Ice Axe on Cascadian Colouir.

    Ice Axe has been recovered and returned. A very nice person from Colorado found it and heard by word mouth along the trail that it was missing. He called before flying back home and I met up with him. Thanks for getting the word out as he had not read directly about it. Thanks again very much
  3. 8/5 - 8/6 Rainier DC

    I would be up for the following weekend if you don't make it the 5th and 6th. Thanks
  4. I lost an ice axe on Sunday 7-23-17. It is probably on the lower potion and the East side of Cascadian Colouir of Mount Stuart. My son was exhausted, having issues, and I obviously didn't secure it well. It is sentimental as it was an anniversary gift and I had carried it up numerous peaks. I will gladly pay shipping and reward. Thanks
  5. Free Ice Axe on Mt Adams

    Dude skip the 2.99 wine & just go find an Ice Axe! Oh and have a great climb!
  6. AAI feedback

    Hey layton, Thanks for the comments. You have some good points. And its not me considering the service. Also I've never heard anything other than good things.
  7. AAI feedback

    It was American Apline Institute.
  8. AAI feedback

    Does anyone have any comments on AAI i would appreciate it. In particuliar the Denali prep and Denali ascent. Someone told me they heard something disturbing. What they heard I do not know. Whether what they heard is true or not I do not know. Thank you
  9. Man oh man

    Never heard of him.
  10. Mt Adams July 29-30

    Mt. Adams July 29-30
  11. Mt Stuart

    I was just thinking the Cascadian Couloir route. I'm preparing for a Aug Rainier climb, (my 1st). I must admit I haven't climbed Stuart before but it should be well within my conditioning and ability. I'm 35, male from Ellensburg. I'm just looking for someone with enough knowledge and people skills to make an enjoyable trip of it.
  12. Mt Stuart

    Looking for Mt Stuart partner. June sometime?
  13. Avalanche Danger on Adams and Hood?

    OK Smart A$$!
  14. Avalanche Danger on Adams and Hood?

    I've been up the South Spur of Mt Adams twice before but later in the season. I'm afraid I can't comment on the current conditions.
  15. Moved to Roslyn, partners wanted

    I'm in Ellensburg. What alpine climbs are you interested in? Tell me about yourself? I'm 35, male with moderate hiking/climbing experience.(Primarily Mt Adams) Thanks