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  1. it is needing goretex in case you are spiling latte.
  2. this rack is return to the one who loses it and you clowns can stop geusign. it is been found at base of golden horn. milosh
  3. I have just been in this area and breakup is not so bad. You will go very quickyl across inspiratoin glacier. Crevasse are very obvious and exposed to ones eye but moats are alos so expanded to present problmes in places.
  4. Do not try to geus what the rack is of. anyone can say these. if you are to recieve you must say to me where it is lost. i have not known any one byt he name jakov. youa re a clown I think.
  5. why do I not beleive you? you must messag e me details if you are to receive it.
  6. This weekend I am in the Cascasdes and have found a rack of gear. It is not easy to say if this rack is lost or forgot or hid or the climber has expire on the mountain. If this is your rack I would return it to you. -milosh
  7. I am having taken a woman from the city there once and she was hiking in her high heel without dificulty so youa re having no troubles ether. She was not finding the mountian so intresting an so say she would rather even climb the beckey route. I beleive you will enjoy.
  8. In a cold temperture trango evo can be so much warmer with a neopreen sock and it will cost you such little in weight and dollars. I am sometimes using this within the cascades. I am also using a thicker foam peice for cold from below. milosh
  9. If you are not a climber and wish to only read story of adventure in the moutnain perhaps you need to read magazine instead. Pehraps also mount crampon and axe on wall above youre fire hearth... make cams and nut into mobil for youre baby...
  10. it is milosh k antonopov and not josh k although i am remember who this boy was. Will you care to anser my questoin ivan?
  11. Dan your anser is not corect today but in another time close.
  12. Amd now you are not so quick to anser my friend! You will get a litle help then this is near to a count's sandwitch. -milosh
  13. Another riddle for you then: In this ice is imitating rock and a state is overrun by monsters. Pleas tell me whitch peak.
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