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  1. WTB Silvretta 500

    I have a pair that I can sell you. Pm me your email and I can send some pictures
  2. Mt Hood avalanche?

    Does anyone know anything or have pictures regarding the avalanche that happened on the southside on Sunday? Natural/human? ect...
  3. be careful this spring

    Check with the land manager to see if it is ok.
  4. F/S New Scarpa Maestrale 26.5

    I have a new pair of Scarpa Maestrale AT boots for sale. They are a mondo size 26.5 which is roughly a size 9 us. I'm asking $400. They retail for $599 new and e-OMC is asking $480 new. Shipping negotiable. I've been wearing them around the house and they do not fit my feet. Please email me at rsofich@gmail.com if interested.
  5. Guiding as a Career?

    Well said.
  6. Are there any Portland, OR ELMERS out there?

    I need some help with a hand held ham radio that I purchased awhile ago and would like to take the exam in the Fall. Some type of mentoring would be really nice. Beers? It is best to reach me through my email. rsofich@gmail.com
  7. Slesse Crossover Descent Trail Work

    Thanks for posting. I'm sure many will appreciate all the hard work that went into this much needed project.
  8. Conditions on Hood SS?

    No rain up high today. Just a lot of blowing snow and very low visibility. The winds were moderate around the 30s with stronger gusts in the 40mph range. New snow at the 10k was everything to wind blown rime ice to wind deposited snow that varied in depth of 15-35cm. The surface had a mixture of new snow particle and some grauple mixed in. Bill, call me this weekend and I'll give you another up date. I plan on climbing on Sat night and Sun night.
  9. I would check in with the Forest Service. I-Rock is still considered wilderness.
  10. Gorge Ice 2009

    The smile says it all. I love it. Congrats!
  11. Labeled illustration of North Cascades

    I think some distribution or availability at Climb Max in Portland would be a great venue.
  12. [TR] Hood - NF Right 11/4/2009

    Scary!!! I had a feeling that was you. The tools gave it away. I have an email out to you. Love to catch up
  13. [TR] Wolf Rock - Barad Dur 10/6/2009

    Thank you for the quick correction. We were just suprised too see more bolts than expected. Hopefully this will clarify some misinformation for anyone that wants to climb it in the future.
  14. Found phone @ Beacon 9/13/09

    Found a phone that was pretty broken up near the base of the SE Ridge area. Still had the memory card to it.