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  1. So, he gets caught stealing and just racks them up and is on his way while he is lectured about it.He couldn't of cared less. Words were wasted on this POS, he needed a hard smackdown, he'll do it again and think nothing of it. This really pisses me off. From Colorado? Seems like there's a guy on Ebay who's been selling slightly used climbing stuff for years. Probably no connection though.
  2. I've always been curious about that section of California coastline. Looks as beautiful and unspoiled as I figured. How was the tide pooling? Thanks for posting.
  3. Be careful out there. http://www.redding.com/news/2010/jul/06/shasta-climb-turns-deadly/?partner=yahoo_feeds
  4. Thanks for that, Catbird...says perfectly what was bouncing around in my head but couldn't quite express so concisely. I definitely think that in this case familiarity was a big factor in a momentary lack of judgment and respectful caution. Think I'll paste your quote into my helmet.
  5. Never got a reply to my email or PM regarding this post.Assuming that they are all sold?
  6. Damn, not sounding good... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100216/ap_on_re_us/us_st_helens_rescue
  7. scottgg, FWIW Just noticed a Serratus Genie pack in size large on Ebay going for next to nothing. Not affiliated with the listing in any way...just saying.
  8. Unbelievable..especially with the shop being so close to the highway! They must have had something like a u-haul, and the time it took...someone must of seen something!? Really sorry, I've stopped in your shop a few times for odds and ends. Good luck and like Monty and others will keep an eye out on Craigs and Ebay.
  9. Ebay has become a mecca for fake items, I've read estimates of up to 90% of North Face jackets being fake, especially the "Buy It Now" listings. Being this is from China and dirt cheap I wouldn't go near it. Better to try and catch sales and clearances with Sierra Trading, Backcountry,etc. You'll pay more but you'll know what you are getting and have the refund/exchange option. My 2 cents.
  10. Nice, quiet little farming town. Ask a Law Enforcement officer and I'm sure he'll tell you a safe place to park. Can't imagine them giving you a hard time about it.
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