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  1. Smith Rock/ Redpoint Free Shoe Demo

    Da Bump bump!
  2. Smith Rock/ Redpoint Free Shoe Demo

    Hey Everyone, It’s that time of year again. The temps are getting warmer, the sun is shinning, and most likely you’re shoes are wearing out or maybe you’re ready for those more aggressive shoes. Redpoint it having its Smith Rock 5th Annual Shoe Demo on Saturday, April 20th. It starts at 8:30 am. The Raffle and Slideshow will start at 7:30. Since it’s the 5th year we’re doing it, we’re making it bigger, and better. We’ll have shoes from seven, yes seven, different shoe companies (Boreal, Evolv, Five Ten, La Sportiva, Red Chili, Scarpa, and Tenaya). You’ll get to try on any shoe the reps have, and climb in them, at Smith, FREE for the day. There will also be a FREE clinic by Tenaya/Trango athlete, Mark Anderson, and La Sportiva athlete, Ryan Palo. The clinic size will be limited, and it’s first come first serve. Then in the evening, we’ll all meet at the Rec Barn at Smith Rock, enjoy a cool frosty beverage, have a raffle for sweet new gear, then Mark Anderson will have a slideshow to finish things off for the day. Here's a link to the event on Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/events/362556900525893/ Climbing shoes will be 20% off on Saturday. Again, this event is free, and I hope to see you out there! Eric
  3. Smith Rock Shoe Demo

    This is a Bump to let you know there will be a raffle at the end of the day. Raffle items include pair of shoes from La Sportiva, Five Ten, Evolv and Scarpa, Five Ten Hoodie, and an Edelweiss Rope.
  4. Smith Rock Shoe Demo

    It’s that time again! Redpoint’s 3rd Annual Shoe Demo is coming up on April 14th. It starts at 9 a.m. and goes until 8 p.m. Come try out shoes for FREE and climb them on ACTUAL rock. Reps from Evolv, Five Ten, La Sportiva, and Scarpa will be here to answer any of your climbing shoe related questions. Climbing shoes will be 20% for the weekend to help celebrate. There also be a raffle for great new gear, and cool frosty beverages. Now let’s hope Central Oregon weather will decide to cooperate that day. Hope to see you out there! Here’s the link to the event on face book: Shoe Demo Thanks! Eric
  5. Redpoint Smith Rock Shoe Demo

    Bump before the weekend...
  6. Redpoint Smith Rock Shoe Demo

    WARNING: Shameless self promoting. Hey everybody! Redpoint Climbers Supply is having its Annual Spring Shoe Demo, on Saturday, April 23rd. Reps from La Sportiva, Five Ten, Evolv and Scarpa will be there to size you in the right shoe and answer any questions you may have. You’ll be able to borrow the shoes and try them out on actual rock. How cool is that? Shoes will be on sale 20% off retail. There will be a raffle at the end of the day, raffling off cool stuff, with a few grand prizes of shoes. For details, check out the event page on Facebook, and while you’re at it, please hit that “Like” button. Thanks for reading, Eric
  7. Redpoint Smith Rock Shoe Demo

  8. Redpoint Smith Rock Shoe Demo

    Redpoint Spring Shoe Demo! Hey Everyone! Redpoint will be hosting a shoe demo this Saturday, March 27th. There will be reps here from all the brands we carry, La Sportiva, Five Ten, Evolv and Scarpa to answer all of the climbing shoe questions, like proper fit and what shoe best suits your needs. You’ll be able to demo shoes FREE for the entire day at Smith Rock. After the demo we’ll have a raffle raffling off free shoes and other cool swag, along with something to quench your thirst from a hard day of climbing. One top of the cool stuff mentioned above, all shoes will be 20% off, all Black Diamond C3’s and C4’s will be 20% off and there will be other sales throughout the store. This is the first event since the break in and I want to make this an event to remember! So come on out, support a local business, find the shoe that works best for you, win some swag and get some sweet deals! Thanks for all the support! Eric Become a Fan on Facebook! www.facebook.com/redpointclimbing
  9. Redpoint Climbers Supply of Smith Rock Robbed

    Bump/ Update. Yesterday I was on the phone all day calling gyms, climbing shops and consignment stores from the bay area to Vancouver, Canada. I sent them a list and a flyer of what brands were stolen and who to contact if they have any information. I didn't contact many gyms in the bay, just the touchstone group ones. So if any of you want to give out more flyers to the gyms in that area or even farther south, please do. I will not mind at all. I'm looking into the old employees, and would be shocked if any of them took it. There's only one I can think of and that person lives in southern CA. But I guess this would be worth the trip. I've only owned the shop since August, so I don't have ex-employees. I'm still looking into the alarm company, and am waiting for some more information to come. I have to look over the contract, and contact some other 3rd party to get a second opinion. It looks like this might be a lead, just need more information. I have been in contact with my lawyer about all of this. Still waiting on the security tape, oi, it's taking forever. Again thanks for all support, everyone. Eric
  10. Redpoint Climbers Supply of Smith Rock Robbed

    Leery is good, everyone should be leery. I also noticed his posts as well. Been looking at all the major cities. But, not my stuff. All his metolius cams are the old styles, not the new ultralights. And the rest of his stuff looks just as old. He could be legit, or someone had their gear stolen, who knows. That's why it's always good to ask questions, see if they know what they're talking about. Thanks for keeping an eye out though!
  11. Redpoint Climbers Supply of Smith Rock Robbed

    Bump and semi update. Bad news first. Insurance will not cover theft. Turns out I only had liability insurance. I thought insurance was like car insurance, all aspects are covered, just depends how much coverage and how big your deductible is. Biggest mistake of my life, ever. Other fact, not sure if this is good or bad. Alarm went off, but Sheriff's station was never notified about the alarm. Either when I switched phone companies they messed with the line, or the people I use to monitor the alarm messed up. I pay a place in Redmond for the alarm, and they sub-contract it out to a bigger place in Portland to monitor. I don't know if anyone is a lawyer, but if anyone is at fault, would it be the right move to sue? I don't want to be that "guy" who sues.... Some Good news, the restaurant across the street has a camera that faces the parking lot and pretty much the door they broke in through. So once the police get the footage they should have a good lead. They'll have how many people, the make and model of the vehicle and a license plate. So thieves if you're reading this, just hand back the stuff, all will be forgiven and we'll just forget about this. Thanks for all the support everyone. Eric p.s. this has been posted on rockclimbing.com, mountain project, super topo, smith rock.com and cascade climbers. If anyone wants to cross post this to any other sites, i don't mind, just couldn't think of any others that get as much traffic.
  12. Redpoint Climbers Supply of Smith Rock Robbed

    Alright, here's the list..... it's a doozy Metolius Supercam Small and Medium Master Cams 00, 0, 6, 7 Master Cams Offsets 00-7 Ultralight TCUs 00-4 Power Cams 00-8 Astro Nuts x 2 Ultralight nuts 10x 2, 9, 8, 7, 5, 4, 3, 1 BRD x 4 Freenut x 3 Extractor x 4 Enviro Rap Hanger x 6 8 step Aider 4 step Aider x 2 5 step aider x 2 Gear slings x 2 Double D Gear slings x 2 Simulator Grip saver plus Big Wall Pants x 4 Big Wall Shorts x 4 Dyno Pant x 4 Dyno Shorts x 4 Nylon Daisy x 3 Monster Daisy x 2 Easy Daisy x 2 Superchalk half pound x 4 Superchalk quarter pound x 6 Tape x 6 Monster Slings 22” x 6 Monster Slings 46” x 6 BD C3s 000-2 C4s 3, 4x2, 5, 6 N-Force x 3 Firewire QD x 3 Hotwire QD x 2 Micro nuts x 2 Stoppers 1x 4, 2 x 2, 3-6, 9-13 Wired Hexes 1-11 Yosemite Hammer ATC-Guide x 5 ATC XP x 4 ATC x 2 Super 8 x 3 Neutrino x 2 Oz Livewire x 6 Dynotron x 4 Positron Straight x 10 Positron Bent x 10 Quicksilver Straight x 10 Quicksilver Bent x 4 Ovalwire x 5 Oval x 4 Light D x 4 Vaporlock x 6 Mini Pear x 6 Rock lock x 6 Rocklock Twist lock x 6 Livewire QD x 12 Freewire QD x 3 OZ QD x 12 Quickwire QD 18 cm x 12 Quickwire QD 12 cm x 12 Quicksilver QD 18 cm x 12 Quicksilver QD 12 cm x 12 Fifi x 2 RURP x 2 Cliffhanger Pulley Variwidth x 6 Raven Ice axe x 6 Tracer Kids Tracer Sabretooth Left Foot Contact Right Foot 5 step aider x 2 6 step aider x 2 Padded Gear Sling Forearm Trainger Firstlight Hilight Skylight Dynex Daisy Chain 115cm x 3 Dynex Daisy Chain 140cm x 3 Nylon Daisy Chain 115 x 3 Nylon Daisy Chain 140 x 3 Nylon Sling 30cm x 10 Nylon Sling 60cm x 3 Dynex Sling 30cm x 10 Dynex Sling 60cm x 6 Dynex Sling 120cm x 6 Petzl Ascension x 5 Shunt Croll x 3 Basics x 3 Pro-traxion Mini Traxion x 2 Oscillante x 2 Pantin Rescue Pulley Ultralegre Mini Spirit Straights x 5 Locker SL x 5 William SG x 8 William Ball Lock x 10 William Triact Lock x 12 AMD SG x 5 AMD Ball Lock x 5 AMD Triact lock x 12 Freino x 5 OK Screwlock x 3 Attache x 3 Attache Hera x 3 Spirit Express 17cm x 10 Paw Small Paw Medium Microcender Rescuecender Coeur Coujon x 6 Tibloc x 3 Express 25 cm x 5 Nitro 1 x 3 Nitro 3 x 3 Snowalker Altios Elios x 2 Meteor III Vasak Sidelock Right Foot Cordex Gloves tan x 5 Cordex Gloves Black x 5 Cordex plus Gloves Tan x 5 Zephyr 70m Nomad 60m Nomad 70m DMM Bugette Zodiac 12mm QL x 2 Phantom QD 12cm x 12 Wallnuts 11x 2, 10, 9, 7, 3, 2, 1 Aluminum Offsets 7, 9, 11 Phantom x 4 Steel Bent Gate Shadow QD 18cm x 4 Shadow QD 12cm x 4 Dogbones 12cm x 4 18cm x 10 25 cm x 10 Wild country Superlight Rocks 1-6 x 2 Peanuts x 2 Rocks 1-8, 12-14 Variable Controller Ropeman 1 Ropeman 2 Yates Pinhead Double Copperheads x 2 Pika Z-pitons x 3 Trango Cinch Shark x 2 Squid MSR Hubba Hubba x 2 Mutha Hubba Whisperlites x 2 Whisperlites International x 2 Reactor Dragoonfly Thermarest Trail Pro x 2 Trail Pro W’s Mountain Hardwear Subzero Jackets Mens x 5 Paladin Pack x 2 Splitter Packs x 2 Dynaflex ball x 4 Dynaflex plus Superclips x 4 Frisbees x 2 Gear Marking tape x 4 DVDs x 16 Edelweiss Onsight 60, 70, 60 arc, 70 arc Ally 60m Element 60, 70, 70 arc Flashlight 60, 70, 60 arc, 70 arc Red Chili Sunglasses x 36 $18 sunglasses, really? Cliff bars x 14 boxes Yes they stole cliff bars, frisbees, gear marking tape, climbing tape and chalk
  13. Redpoint Climbers Supply of Smith Rock Robbed

    A bump, and also some more information. If anyone finds out anything here is some contact information. You can either call me, 541-923-6207. Or the best bet is the local sheriff's office. Their phone number is 541-693-6911. The Sheriff in charge of the case is Gary Cima, but you can talk to anyone else there as well. I'm working on the inventory right now, and will have a pretty long list of items stolen, so you know what to be on the look out for. Thanks for all the support. Eric
  14. Hey everyone, I'm letting everyone know this, just in case someone runs into someone that's selling gear that just doesn't sound right. Last night my shop was broken into, and everything was taken and I really do mean everything. I haven't done an actually inventory yet. But ballpark, 50 draws, 100 carabiners, 14 ropes, 4 sets of cams, 5 sets of nuts, 10 down jackets, etc etc etc etc. So please, please, keep an eye out for anything suspicious if you're buying something second hand from someone. I would appreciate it. Thanks, Eric
  15. The New Smith Rock Book is Here!!

    Hey everyone! This is Eric from Redpoint Climbers Supply, we're right outside of Smith Rock, and I just wanted to let you know that the much anticipated Smith Rock Guide Vol. II is finally out! Yes, it's a $40.00 Guidebook, BUT it's 500 pages of FULL COLOR with 1,800 routes. It is one amazing looking book. Alan Watts took his time in making sure everything was perfect. He even re-drew all the topos. As a promotion to the new book, if you order online from http://store.redpointclimbing.com, the shipping will be waived! It will show shipping when you check out, don't worry about it, I run the credit card and will make sure you're not charged the shipping. Also don't forget Oregon has no sales tax! Or stop by the store to pick up your copy. If you guys have any questions, PM me, or call 541-923-6207. Thanks for your support! http://www.redpointclimbing.com http://www.facebook.com/redpointclimbing p.s.hope those links worked... p.p.s. Sorry if this is a new topic even though it's been discussed before, just wanted it to get some exposure.